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tried antler repair for first time and....

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by LoessHillsArcher, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. LoessHillsArcher

    LoessHillsArcher New Member

    it didn't go so hot. I tried this method. "Make is Suede" Berber textured spray paint for starters. Put on a nice coat over the whole rack. Then took some "special walnut" stain and thought this was pretty easy. Then this is where it took a turn for the worse...the stain wouldn't take to the rack after the "make it suede"?? Anyone else try this method? I heard about it from a fellow on taxidermy.net and read the article, sounded fool proof so gave it a shot. Any one try it and have some suggestions? Here is a summary of the article I read.. "Try this, got this from Larry Reese at [email protected] .After you make your repairs with Apoxie Sculpt,and sanded the repair, use a paint called "Make it Suede" made by Krylon. A good bone color is 1240-BERBER. Spray the entire antler with this stuff ( two coats ).After it is completely dry add your antler stain or wood stain ( I use Min Wax Wood Finish, Special Walnut #224 with excellent results!) building your coats up slowly to the desired color. If needed, lightly hit the high spots with 000-steel wool. Once you are completely satisfied, seal it off with two coats of Krylon 1311 ( I use one coat of Rust-oleum Crystal Clear enamel-Glossy Finish). I have made several repairs using this method and haven't found better results yet! "
  2. bluedog

    bluedog Member

    I just read this article. Wonder if anyone else has tried it with success?