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Mini-flesher for beginners

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Todd Adams, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. I just wanted to give some of you beginners some ideas of how to use the mini-flesher. After it comes out of the tan I take the moisture out of the cape with a towel. Then I take it to a fleshing beam. A couple of things first. You will need to have a air compressor able to take on the demands of the mini-flesher, at least a 5hp. Its noisy, takes some time, and it throws flesh everywhere! Once you get by all that it usually goes pretty smoothly. Start by adjusting the guard so you can barely even see the teeth of the blade. If it cuts to deep adjust as necessary and if it doesn't cut enough adjust again. The 1st pic is a picture of how my blade is adjusted.
  2. Here is a pic of the cape before I got started.

  3. Here is a pic of me getting started on fleshing. just make sure you take your time and keep the cape tight to avoid any folds, folds equals cuts :'( Only try a take a 6"x6" sections at a time to reduce cuts.
  4. You can see in this pic how thin you can get the cape, it feels like a dish towel ;)
  5. Going around the ears and my "7" cut incision. When you thin down your incision just make sure that the blade is spinning away from the hair. You dont want to pull the hair into the wheel.
  6. You can see in these pics of how close I can get around the eyes and lips to reduce the amount of time on the Skife. Make sure when you get around the facial areas to reduce the PSI on the compressor so you dont go crazy and take off too much.
  7. And lastly you can see the final product of the completed cape and how much material you can get off. If I can answer any questions just ask. Good luck and take your time.
  8. buckhunting101

    buckhunting101 Hides N Stuff Taxidermy

    simply awesome.The first thing i tried with my mini flesher was a opposum.Big mistake.Tissue paper!
  9. you want tissue paper alan try a snow shoe hare
  10. just makin sure this is a tanned hide . correct .. and where can i get a mini flesher like urs
  11. Brushwolf, To answer your question on my brothers behalf, yes it's a tanned cape(Krowtann.) Keep your eye on the for sale forum or check on sites like Ebay. Also you might try posting under WANTED to see if there are any Mini- fleshers some one is willing to part with.. It took Todd some time and alot of trial and error, but as you can see they do work.. Great tutorial Todd ;D
  12. ok but wat would be an estimated cosst
  13. shaneb

    shaneb New Member

    About 100 used, theyre on here all the time. Youre gonna need a pretty serious air compressor though, they suck alot of air and fast, that will probably be 350. So If you dont have an air compressor Id reccomend getting a good flesher, if you already have a compressor this is a cheap alternative for someone looking to do their own tanning and fleshing.
  14. Yeah Shane and Jared are right. I actually bought my Mini-Flesher on here about 5 years ago. My compressor just [email protected] the bed, so I am looking for a bench Flesher now.
  15. There is an electric version of this same unit that works great. It attaches to the fordom tool. I have one and like it. It has a foot control for the power so it is a little bit easier to control. It is also a lot quieter! The unit also does not get extremely cold like it does in the air model. Overall it is cheaper due to the cost of a good compressor. Who wants to hear one of them run anyway?
  16. how much does the electric one run for $
  17. That looks awesome Todd. I have one question tho, where is the blade that you are talking about in the first picture? I have never personally seen a mini flesher so I am just curious. Thanks for helping out!
    Joe Knapke
  18. It is there Joe but I have it adjusted so it actually looks like its behind the guard, if that makes any sense :D
  19. tazzymoto

    tazzymoto Well-Known Member

    If you do more than a couple dozen deer a year a fleshing machine will pay for it self in a couple of years, the mini fleshers work ok but it takes an hour and a half and does'nt do as good a job, if anyone is interested i have one i woul sell for 80$ Plus shipping, I'll even through in some of my hangers for you to try, it's been sold
  20. also I was taught when you put on a new blade, dull it a little bit before using it, eliminates the chance of cutting holes!