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Order form Statement

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by RJ, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. RJ

    RJ New Member

    I was trying to come up with a Statement to go on a :) order form to protect myself from being responsable for replacing a hide or fur due to slippage or being rotten in the first place. Do you guys use these and can you please let me know what they read so I can come up with something. Yes I already tried the orange search button.

    Thanx for your help, RJ
  2. EJ

    EJ Proud Member of: Unaffiliated, Free Agent

    Heres how I worded it in my contract:

    Due to harvesting conditions beyond our control Back Creek Taxidermy will not be responsible for bad tanning results which may also include hair slippage due to bacteria growth. We reserve the right to make reasonable substitutions in order to complete your mount. If this results in additional charges, you will be notified before any changes begin.

    Hope this helps, EJ

  3. jessicaj

    jessicaj New Member

    There was one on the old forum, a whole contract and work order that you could copy and print. I have a copy of it but it should be at the old forum some where. If you can't find it let me know and I can try and email it to you. Covered everything from slippage to lost hides and what not.
  4. RJ

    RJ New Member

    Thanx for the help that some of you have given me. I just needed a guideline to go by to make one up and now have received that from a few of you.

    Thanx again, RJ
  5. KevinH

    KevinH Active Member

    here is what I have and use someone tell me if everything sounds good.

    TAXIDERMY WORK ORDER & Agreement Date______________________
    City______________________State/Province______ Zip_______________________
    Hm Phone___________________ License/Game Tag NO___________________
    MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS (position, form number, any other special information)
    Mounting Charge _______________________
    Extra's (bases, habitat, plaques, etc..)______________________________________________
    TOTAL** _______________________
    **DEPOSIT** _______________________ 30 % of total price due at drop off time, before starting work.
    BALANCE DUE** _______________________ ** Crating & Shipping - other costs & fees are extra--if applicable.

    I certify and guarantee that the specimen (s) listed above, were obtained or harvested in a legal and lawful manner and I am authorized by law, license, permit, etc. to bring such specimen (s) to the Taxidermist for mounting and other services. I have read this work order and agreement, and I fully understand and agree to be obligated and liable with the condition of acceptance, agreement, terms, deposit, and for any applicable fees.

    At least a 30% deposit or more is required on all work. Certain circumstances may require some work to have the complete cost paid in advance before work will begin or before it is finished & the customer will be notified if this is required. Any balance due at completion time, must be paid in full before taking completed work. Work left without at least a 30% deposit over 1 (one) month is forfeited and will be disposed of. Customer agrees to pay the balance due & pickup the mount/work within 2 (two) weeks after notification of completion. After notification of work completion, work not picked up within 1 (one) month, along with monies paid, is forfeited. Crating, shipping, repair, form modification to fit short capes, and the replacement of skins & capes are extra. The skinning, fleshing, cleaning & washing of skins not properly cared for, is extra. Taxidermist and/or company will not be held responsible for theft, fire, flood, vandalism, tanning, hair slippage or any other loss or damage. The decision and discretion of the taxidermist is binding and absolute and shall apply in any situation, in any disagreements or conflicts and for any fee assessment. $50 charge on all returned checks. No Cash refunds for any reason. Unsatisfactory customer performance may be reported & listed with all credit bureaus, data banks, and collection agencies and additional action (s) may be taken.

    XXX__________________________________________ ____________________________________________________
    Customer's signature Kevin A. Hess - Taxidermist