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mold making class

Discussion in 'Training' started by antlerguy, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. antlerguy

    antlerguy New Member

    students will make a mold by one method
    they will learn about different types of molds.
    They will retain the mold they make and
    make one replica in that mold.
    Bring your own antlers.
    I must limit the size of the antlers as it is a set price. 160" or less
    If you want to do a larger one the price will be adjusted.
    includes all materials
    Costs 795.00
    You bring your antlers
    class will be 3 days
    what you will learn about mold making can be used for many things.
    There is nothing like hands on training. what you will learn will be worth way more.
    make reservations now.
    call 719-671-8017

    advanced classes will come in the spring
  2. antlerguy

    antlerguy New Member

    I don't think I made it clear . the 795 is with room and board.
    all i can say is this is cheap.

  3. rodlrock

    rodlrock Mold Maker HQ Taxidermy Supply.

    yep that is very cheep
  4. jmh7331

    jmh7331 Northeast Big Buck Club

    Where is this being held?
  5. antlerguy

    antlerguy New Member

    It is being held in Pueblo west, Co.
    I need about4 people to get together and we can set the date and
    get her done..
    You know,I cant believe that with all the questions and needs that I hear about that this
    is not needed by anyone. maybe they are just not close enough.
    i can come to you for 2 days for a thousand dollars and show you how simple it is and take
    you to a different level in your taxidermy. You will have the ability to make your money back on your first order if it is a deer replica. most peoples silicone they buy has a 6 mos shelf life.
    I can use mine for years before it starts to turn. A coplicated deer mold takes a day, One not so complicated takes a few hours. I can get many pulls from those molds. There are no big secrets just experience that has taught me how to make things go so money can be made.
    i'm not going to use complicated mold jargon on you to impress you .I'm going to be on the working mans level.
    the terminoligy is used only when that is all that can be used. i'm going to show you how to be productive in a short amount of time. Permenant molds wil only be touched on. You will see some of those molds in use however and that is a bonus because just seeing it in use will answer many questions. I average 200 pulls from those molds.They take longer to build but really are the best if you have production in mind.
    Anyway,,,, It has been a long day. Just call if you have questions.
    i'll be happy to talk to you.
  6. antlerguy

    antlerguy New Member

    I also wanted to add that those seeking a one on one class can
    pick their time. i can do it for 895.00 and it is two days one on one.
    We would even get to finish the replica in that time. All supplies would
    be included. Just call me.i think this is what most want from the feedback iIm getting.
    It is worth way more than what I'm chargeing.
  7. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    sounds very reasonable