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Skinning Crappies

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by TrailsEnd, May 12, 2008.

  1. TrailsEnd

    TrailsEnd Don't forget the elderly, the young and disabled

    I have a crappie for a little boy to do. I have always been reluctant to skin these because of thescales falling off.
    Has anyone ever coated the scales with cllear lacquer prior to skinning? I heard about this once, and I also heard to do the final leshing with a dremel tool with a small brush. Any tips would be helpful, thanks,
  2. Perca

    Perca Well-Known Member

    Email sent. ;)

  3. Slick

    Slick Something smells fishy?

    They are not as bad as silver phase trout and salmon.
  4. I coat with elmers glue before skinning, works good for me
  5. nortron32

    nortron32 New Member

    I put on 1 coat of elmers glue then i let dry then another coat
  6. Steve B

    Steve B New Member

    I soak them in d/a for a few minutes this tightens the scales up. also remove the body in three pieces this helps from flexing the fish around alot.
  7. I just finished skininning out some crappies..what i did was as they were thawing out i kept putting salt on the skins...then i cast them in plaster paris......after that i spray stop-rot on skin before i skin it...skin them out in sections and kept spraying them with stop-rot....the scales were'nt any problem .good luck...
  8. Brian W

    Brian W Well-Known Member

    I do what Steve does and use plenty of Borax in the skinning process.