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Tannery in Oklahoma

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by baileystaxidermy, May 16, 2008.

  1. We are looking for a good tannery. We had a guy that was awesome and then he decided that he wasn't going to tan anymore. So we need one that is good with good prices, (We useally send them green). We have a place here in Oklahoma Dog Creek Tannery has anyone heard anything about them? Are they good? Any recommendations would be great!! Thanks
  2. Rush

    Rush New Member

    Call 918-431-5805, ask for Chris Weaver. I beleive he's in Clarmore.

  3. Jarrod J

    Jarrod J New Member

    Chris is not taking in any new work . He is extremely backlogged. He has even dropped a lot of regular customers.
  4. Yea that is who we was doing our deer heads was chris weaver.
  5. HUNT365

    HUNT365 New Member

    Dogcreek does excellent work. Really nice prep work and tan. Great people to work with. Sean always answers any questions I got.
  6. JLG

    JLG New Member

    I would like some contact info on dog creek. I just had a fallingout with the group I use in texas
  7. My experience with Dog Creek was not so good. Lots of mistakes in the green hide prep ( holes in the chin, muzzle, nostrils and eyelids. ) Very poor shaving with lots of holes and areas of the edges of the incision shaved so thin it would not hold a stitch.
    I will say that Sean is a very nice guy and is willing to take the time to talk to a customer and is almost always available. Their customer service and turn around time is excellent but the quality of their product leaves a lot to be desired.
    After numerous complaints though they did finally do an OK job on the last 6 capes they did for me. I would like to think they will continue to improve and I might give them another try someday but I would advise you to send only a few skins at first to see how they do. Believe me nothing is more aggravating or time consuming than trying to so up an incision that rips like wet paper when you pull a stitch tight.
  8. Dukhunter

    Dukhunter New Member

    I have never had any trouble with hide prep or tanning quality from DogCreek. Flat hides are nicest I have ever seen and the capes have excellent stretch and nice shave. I know lots of guys that use them and recommended them highly. Don't know what happened with Sportinglife?? If you live close enough, you can go to their facility and they are happy to show samples of work. Their contact info is 918-342-3600 www.dogcreek.net.
  9. I had never heard anything bad about them either. I searched and could not find one complaint so I was comfortable with leaving about 30 deer capes with them along with a lifesize fallow and 2 elk capes ( I prepped the elk and fallow myself thankgoodness). I have had to repair all but 1 or 2 due to being shaved too thin and cut up during the lip, nose and eye splitting. Almost every cape has places where it was shaved so thin the hair is coming through the flesh side, and holes with edges so thin the stitches used to close the hole rip out when I pull the cape over the form.
    If you choose to try them you will probably want to do your own prep work at least. That will save you some major trouble as the cape I will be mounting tommorrow had 7 or 8 holes in the face, all put there by whoever did the green hide prep.
    Like I said before I have nothing against Sean, I think he is a good honest man but maybe his employees aren't as skilled as they should be. I am very disappointed because Claremore is within driving distance for me and I was hoping to start a long term relationship with Dog Creek but now I am looking at going somewhere else or going back to doing all my own deer cape tanning.
  10. HUNT365

    HUNT365 New Member

    Like I said before I have never had any trouble with tanning or service from DogCreek and send over 250 pieces per year. I was one of those that referred to Greg (Dukhunter) without hesitation.