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Searching for Stacey Hansen in Sebeka Minnesota?

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Lisa M, May 31, 2008.

  1. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Anyone know where this guy is? He's a taxidermist/butcher out there.

    Thanks so much!
  2. Lisa

    Don't know him or where he is, but I might be able to find a phone number for him. I live about 40 miles from him.


  3. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Re: Searching for Stacy Hanson in Sebeka Minnesota?

    Gene, thank you so much for the kind offer. I got a couple PM's with info as well. A client gave him a 2 rainbow trout & a shoulder mount back in 2002 when he was in Oak Creek Colorado...then Mr. Hanson moved. Client is mine now and is wondering if there's anything I can do to track down his stuff. I offered to do repro's on the fish...he has pictures. I can try to recreate the mule deer, but he doesn't want a repro on the rack...he wants the horns back. So I'll give the information I got via PM to my client and he can track Mr. Hanson down himself. Thank you for the offer though sunshine. ;)
  4. akblackbearbbq

    akblackbearbbq New Member

    Lisa M.

    My name is Trooper Marc Hendrickson with the Alaska Wildlife Troopers. if could be please call me about locating Mr. Hanson. My phone number is 907-451-5348. I may have some news for you.

    Thank you
  5. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Thank you Trooper Hendrickson. Private message sent.
  6. JWShadley

    JWShadley New Member

    He has been playing his same old shenanigans in Fairbanks/North Pole/Salcha Alaska. There have been a lot of guys up here with their trophies at his shop and run into problems. He has been taking the deposits and spending them, only to have no money to do the work. Then, he has been selling trophies, completed or not. He has now gone on the lam, evading legal action pending against him. He personally told me 13 months ago the two Lake Country Replica's rainbow trout and fox hide I brought him would be done in 6 months. Then about 6 months later I called him to A) notify him of my new address, and B) see how things were coming along. There was never anyone at his shop, his website had been shut down, and no answer on any phone number I had for him. I finally started calling meat processing plants, as I found online he had been working at one that destroyed a bunch of people's moose. I had a bit of a time getting ahold of him, but reached him at the meat plant. He told me they would be a couple more months, but that I could call him any time at the plant, and he was the new owner. Three months later I got a phone call from him saying he was "back in the swing of things" and that my stuff "would be done in about two weeks. I waited a long time, very patiently, and finally decided to find out A) what was taking so long and B) why he never let me know what the holdup was. I called the plant only to get ahold of the REAL owner, who told me Stacey is on the run, and hiding out in one of the gold camps, working as a cook, hiding from the law. He said he gets calls like mine daily and pointed me in the right direction to get my stuff. He gave me the name Jerry Remington, (907) 488-3477, telling me he could contact Mr. Hansen and get permission to get in and get my stuff. I contacted Mr. Remington and told him the situation, and he confirmed the details I had been given. He told me there are a lot of his jobs that were never started, let alone completed, and just as many that were either sold or sent off to have the work done, only to never pay for the services. He is covering himself with the legality of the contract/form saying he is not responsible for the items he takes in and they will be sold after 30 days. PLEASE, if you hear of anyone wanting to get their stuff back, put them in touch with Jerry Remington (907) 488-3477. I have had problem after problem after problem with "taxidermists" in Alaska and have had enough. That is why I have started doing my own. At least then I know where it is and I don't have to worry about it looking like a dried up fish on the side of the lake or worse, rotten or sold! Good luck to anyone trying to get their stuff back from Stacey Hansen!
    :mad: Jesse Shadley :mad:
  7. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Thank you VERY much Mr. Shadley. I've passed the information on to a very persistent friend of mine.
  8. JWShadley

    JWShadley New Member

    I am happy to update the ordeal with Stacy Hansen and Broken Bone Taxidermy has improved. After speaking with Mr. Remington several months ago, I learned that someone had broken into Stacy's house and shop and had stolen a lot of stuff, and that among the items stolen, were my replicas, as well as several other people's trophies. Mr. Remington informed me that my fox was at the tannery, and that he would contact Stacy regarding getting it back. I never heard anything back from him, nor Stacy. On a whim, last week I decided to call Stacy and see if he would even answer. I was pleasantly surprised that as I was leaving him a voicemail, he called me right back! I told him who it was, and we talked at length about what had happened. He confirmed that yes, someone had broken in, not once, but three times. He also confirmed my replicas had been taken, but that my fox hide was back from the tannery. He happily offered to meet up this week and give me my fox, and told me not to worry about the balance of the bill. He also told me that if I got him color pictures of the fish my son and I had caught, along with measurements, he would get in touch with Lake Country Replicas (who he used to work for) and that he would buy replacement replicas, already painted and ready to hang on the wall. I picked up my fox hide today, and he was very apologetic about everything that had happened, and owned up to his mistakes. He really seems like he is making every possible effort to right the wrongs that have happened over the past several months and is more than happy to replace anything that was damaged or stolen throughout the whole ordeal. If you or anyone you know has a mount or hide with him, I encourage you to please PM me, and I will gladly give you his contact information.
  9. hoytman

    hoytman UTA Member

    I would call lake country replicas and see if he really worked for them.. He may have.. or may not have.. But you can call and ask.. If the story is bull.. Dont hold your breath waiting for your replicas to be done anytime soon..

  10. JWShadley

    JWShadley New Member

    I know his story may very well be bogus. If it is, it is. If he doesn't come through with them, it wont be the first time I was let down in life, or even by a taxidermist in my area. The replicas that were stolen were replacements for two skin mounts destroyed by another taxidermist. Worst case scenario, I will get my own replicas. My whole purpose for repleting on this thread was to let those who were looking for him know he is back and is trying to settle up with everyone.