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Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by birdhunter, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. :) Hello my name is Brandon and i am farely new to taxidermy i am 14 and i have collected a few specimens over the months that i am about prepared enough to mount just have to get the eyes yet
    My Specimens
    Black Birds "Crackles" x2 or 3
    Starling x1
    Dove x1

    I am planning on mounting the starling standing up or preening. I am gonna mount 1 or 2 of the Black Birds flying and the other standing. And the dove i have not decided how i am gonna mount it yet and ideas would be helpful

  2. joeym

    joeym Jeannette & Joey @ Dunn's Falls


    I started out on birds, because that was the first lesson plan a long time ago. They are challenging for a beginner. A few helpful hints that I didn't know were: After skinning and fleshing, wash in water with dawn detergent, rinse and towel dry, then get a hair dryer and put on cool and blow and blow and blow. Get them puffed up as much as possible. Use small, pliable wire #18 for wings and legs on flying birds. Do not expect miracles on your first few specimens. It takes a while to transfer the mechanics of taxidermy to the art of taxidermy. And use this forum and other good source for references...

    Hope this helps...

  3. Ya i had figured that they would not be the best. I have mounted a black bird already and it looked horrible it got the "flew through the tornado look" and i my grandpa and i mounted a black squirrell it turned out pretty well it is still white around the mouth and eyes though but other than that it is good.


    P.S. How should i mount my dove and if anyone has a picture of a mounted it would be really helpfull
  4. Western Rivers

    Western Rivers Wolves are Idaho's #1 Poacher!

    Be careful, check your state laws. Blackbirds and starlings are protected in most states.
  5. there not in ohio i have checked they are considered nusiance and pests here but the Red Winged Black Bird is protected here
  6. Western Rivers

    Western Rivers Wolves are Idaho's #1 Poacher!

    Great sounds like your good to go! Good luck!
  7. Thanks for the tip.

    P.S. How should I mount my dove "which position"
  8. Hold off on the dove until you've done about twenty other birds, or it will literally disintegrate in your hands as you work on it.

    And could someone please explain to me how "some states" can protect a non native species such as Europeon Starlings. I've never heard of any state that protects them, and if they do, they are well beyond reason. They are seriously hurting many of our native songbird populations and nothing is being done about it.
  9. Ill try it last ok :)

    And i have no idea why anyone would want to protect even though there feathers are kewl looking
  10. JonHarleTX

    JonHarleTX Ya'll hear that. George just signed in. Quick Hide

    The starlings are free game.. The grackles... not so sure.. They are considered nuiciance birds, but I still don't think you are allowed to "possess" them after you have killed them.. Kinda like cormorants killed under the depredation order...

    As for the dove... well I've mounted well over 2000 birds I would estimate.. probably more.. and I still cringe at even the thought of havning to mount a dove... I wouldn't worry about the posing.. not yet.. get through the skinning and drying.. if you still have a bird.. then you can ask that question..

    Here's a hint.. If you have a 16penny nail use that instead of your fingers and keep cotton handy to blot away blood.. and try to not wash it if at all possible.. If you must.. then NEVER let the water from the spout hit it... The fat will scrape away with your fingernail...

    Best of luck to ya!
  11. Thanks for the Advice