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Taxidermy Supplies in Canada

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by the bear, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Where can I find taxidermy supplies in Canada. I know of 3 places in Alberta...

    AAA Taxidermy
    Halford Hides (just tanning stuff mostly)
    Select Taxidermy

    are there any more? I'm just trying to reduce shipping costs and wait times @ the border.

  2. northernmudman

    northernmudman New Member

    you have found more places then i have... where about r u from my fellow canadian

  3. LionHeart

    LionHeart New Member


    Yup, shipping cost are terrible lately when it cross the border, they really nail you big time :mad:.

    There is also:

    Knaptonstudios.com in Ontario (I ordered from them, no problem and good service)
    and also bmsports.com in Quebec. (don't know them)

    Not many here compared to our friends accross the border.

    Good luck
  4. Coronation, Alberta.
  5. northernmudman

    northernmudman New Member

    i also found this once site http://taxidermysupply.ca/ i dont know prices but i hope it helps also i forgot about bmsports, they are faily expencive i would go through aaataxidermy because if your ever in calgary you can do local pick ups, give them a few days notice. havent dealed with them yet but will be this fall... hopefully lol
  6. Ah what kind of Canadians are you chaps We have 4 world champs that I know of up here one in SASK Moose Jaw and he has a supply hose
    two in Edmonton 2 supply's in Calgary was 3 also in Manitoba and in BC and I'm pretty sure there's more if not world second places
    there's a link top RT HAND corner ???
  7. And some of us who are just starting out don't know these things. And just so you know search terms "Canada / Canadian Taxidermy Supply" didn't turn up a whole either.
  8. OK heres one I highly recommend Siriustaxidermysupply.com
    have used all the forms he has out and no complant's
  9. Moosabec Taxidermy

    Moosabec Taxidermy New Member

    Freespirit, do you mean Edmundston, New Brunswick Canada??? If so, and even though I live in Maine USA, that would be very close to me compaired to any other US taxidermy supply company. Hmmmm, if this Edmundston is the New Brunswick one, then I guess I need to tone up on my old Acadian French and pay my Canadian cousins a little visit who live near there, and maybe do a little shopping..? How much is the duty tax these days and how much is the difference between the US dollar and the Canadian???
  10. Sorry I was referring to MR Walker and MR Dobson Edmonton AB
  11. Thanks for the help Freespirit! I was aware of Walker & Dobson's work but not of the other 2. What's the names of the 3rd in Moose Jaw? Interesting site btw, and who's the 4th one that you didn't mention? (Off topic, but hey it's my thread ;) )
  12. MR.White the web site is rite there

    and I phoned asked why they haven't linked yet were not sure
  13. So to sum up, this is what we have so far...

    • AAA Supply House http://www.aaasupplyhouse.com/
    • BM Sports http://www.bmsports.com
    • Halford Hides http://www.halfordhide.com (just tanning stuff mostly)
    • Select Taxidermy http://www.selecttaxidermy.com/
    • Knapton Studios http://www.Knaptonstudios.com
    • K&D Taxidermy Supply House http://taxidermysupply.ca/
    • Sirius Taxidermy Supply http://Siriustaxidermysupply.com

    Now I realize that a lot of these are listed on the suppliers links page, but all of the suppliers are intermingled. Normally not a problem but given Canada Customs & Revenue Agency's occasional delays and some suppliers insistence on using FedEx & UPS (or necessity in some cases) I thought it would be good to identify some some suppliers on the north side of the border.
  14. the last bunch of forms I got were from Van Dyke sent by mail
    McKenzie sent by mail
    coombs sent by mail
    Jonas sent by mail
    may take couple more days but Its sure cheaper I had to try it
    was doing the UPS THING FOR GET IT nice to have delivered to the door
  15. Knapton Studios! Very friendly and helpful people!