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Proud of son

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Bubbas, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Hi All,
    Just have to brag about our oldest Matt we just got the news he has been hired by the DNR!! After 9 months of meetings, tests and paperwork. He will start riding along with a Sgt. on Dec.16th and school starts on Jan 15th. He was told that he would know what county he will get after school by the 5th of Jan. We hope he can stay within about 2 hours of home but we will not know til then. This is the job he has wanted since he was 8 years old, its what he went to college for nothing else jsut always wanted to work for DNR.

    Just had to let you hear from a proud mom and dad.

    Kim & Dwayne
  2. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Congratulations Kim. It's great he's gotten his dream in hand and I'm sure he already knows what a thankless job it is. I wish him the best.

  3. paul e

    paul e New Member

    good to see hes fulfilling his dream
  4. BeckyBird

    BeckyBird My Baby Bluebirds

    That is great news! Congratulations to both of you:)
  5. Muthagoose

    Muthagoose You do your thing, I'll do mine.....

    Congrats on your sons future you must be very proud..
  6. sdunaway

    sdunaway New Member

    Those are hard jobs to get. I went to college and majored in Wildlife Law Enforcement, and now I'm teaching High School Biology. There are a lot of politics involved in most states. I just recently tried it again in Texas and got selected as an alternate. I might try it again next time. I know all about the tests, interviews, and paperwork involved. You should be proud, as I know you are. That is a great accomplishment. Congratulations and best of luck to your son.
  7. Jims Wildlife Studio

    Jims Wildlife Studio Full Time PA Taxidermist

    Congratulations Matt, I know your Mom and Dad are really proud of you to share this. Good Luck with your career with the DNR.