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Bird of the Week # 24, year 2

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Taxi-lover, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    And I surely wan't it to continue.. Maybe it's time again to start the "Argue of the Week" again... ;)
  2. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    ...sorry...and again =)

  3. hobbes

    hobbes Member

    I definitely do not visit this site like I used to a few years ago, so maybe I don't know anyone here anymore or am not very good at reading sarcasm in a post, or?????

    Or, maybe I just missed something. ???

    Fantastic birds all the way around. BOW is my favorite thread to check in on every couple days. Although it does appear that I walked into some sort of fued by posting birds I mounted several years ago in a waterfowl thread. ??? ??? Think I'll just stick to looking at the photos.
  4. wolfgang

    wolfgang New Member

    Hello All
    I am in between clutches of Ducklings right now so thought I would get back in the loop!
  5. ludvik

    ludvik beginner taxidermist :-)

    here is a new 1 from me this week :) this is the smalest thing i ever have done. and it is a baby Chiroptera. don`t know the english name of it.

    ole cm
  6. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    Wow. :eek:
    I guess Bill must have edited out whatever all of the fuss was about? 'Can't say I'm sorry to have missed it.
    It's nice to visit a thread that is pleasant-natured, inspiring, and FULL of beautifully mounted birds. I don't care if they are waterfowl, upland birds, song birds, raptors, or whatever. They can even be those feathery "swords on stilts" things that some people call cranes and herons!
    I like all kinds of birds and all of them have their own special challenges. Beautiful work, everybody.

    (Besides, if I want to read a bunch of snide or bigoted remarks I can always go to some of the other forums! ;D)

    You guys have some very strange looking, hairy little birds over there, Ole!
    (I cant imagine trying to do one of those. Awesome job!)
  7. lee tees valley

    lee tees valley tweety luvva.

    you never missed anything nancy.. ;) just a storm in a tea cup.. ;D yeah the tea was goood. :)
  8. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Im not a bird brain like you experts are, but allow me to tip toe in for a second here...seems an easy solution would be to show off all the nice work here, and yes, even some of the stinkers (you know I could critique some of these, too, lol) and keep it as a positive only post. Then if anyone wishes for a critique, or whats wrong comment, ask for it to be returned to him by private message. No debates, no public displays of any difference of opinion, the readers here only see the psotive. Sound good? Its all up to you, as a moderator its still really not my place to tell you how to run the thread. In other words, bragging and egoes welcome here. Criticism, although honest and helpful, be done privately...if asked for. You folks do nice work, Ill sure say that. I like the bird brains, and one of these days if I ever get caught up, Id love to sit back and enjoy birds again... ;)
  9. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member


    One well blasted turkey.... :D BACK TODA BOIDS AGAIN...... ;D
  10. Peter Span

    Peter Span Corvids, gotta catch them all!

    Me RRRRIIIEEEP BLLLLING likes all them boids much very!!!! ;D :p
  11. hoytman

    hoytman UTA Member

    Thats a awsone looking turkey RDA, I really like your work, Its top notch all the time

  12. taxos

    taxos Finches, Buntings

  13. Vernelson.M

    Vernelson.M New Member

    So, how about them Yankee's!
  14. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Mike...too funny. How about this bird work eh? Lets see more of yours, Ive always admired your work too...
  15. ludvik

    ludvik beginner taxidermist :-)

    You guys have some very strange looking, hairy little birds over there, Ole!
    (I cant imagine trying to do one of those. Awesome job!)

    sorry Nancy. but it is going under the mammals category. but it have wings!!! lol the guys some critique my work are in here. so it is way i post it in here.

    so to all some like to judge or give critiques so feel free to judge my works. i just love to read them and they helping me:)
    but don't judge my English lol.

    ole cm
  16. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    got any close ups of that bat. wow ,thats impressive. you got alot of talent and patience. keep up the impressive work my friend.
  17. muleyhunter

    muleyhunter Soulmates, Gods way of saying together forever

    ole cm, You totally amaze me with the small birds you choose to do. That bat is awesome. You really must have great patience. Some people on here don't like the atta boy or girl but when there is work like what you put out you deserve all the praise.
  18. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    I agree with Muley and Brian :eek:
  19. Soooooo....Do you inject those bat wings?
  20. ludvik

    ludvik beginner taxidermist :-)

    thank you for your kind words guys :)
    Brian sorry but i don`t have any closer photos of it.
    my taxi friend found this out of his house a for some days ago.( i didn`t know anything about the bat)
    we shod have a nice day together whit have some good food and shooting some clays on the Frayday. but i drive a litle earlier to his workshop to look what he have done lately.
    then hi say i had a challenge for me.i shod mount a small thing on 3 hoers. and the looser have to pay for the food, clays and the shoots. stupid me coudn`t say no. :D :D :D
    i think it was a small bird. and i say it is ok if it don't need to be perfect. and he say yes and lafing. and then i get the baby bat in front of me :eek: :eek: :eek: ::) ::)
    so like a competition person i am, so i had to try.
    and guess i win something!!!!!! loll :D :D :D :D :D
    but next time i when into him i going to taken whit methe bat home.going to have it into my collection. so then i can take some closer photo of it. had to write the hole story because i think it was a fun story.

    Atwater. yes i injected the wings but it is not done before i taken the those photos. i injected only in where the wires are so i don't know how the wings will looks like when they dries.
    will be fun to see.

    sorry my spelling as always lol ;)

    ole cm