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I am an idiot Please help this moron!!

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Jason Fessenden, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Jason Fessenden

    Jason Fessenden My Little Princess

    Getting ready to mount my first mount by myself since I was a Russ's house. Decided to use a Fox Squirrel. This one is pretty cool, I bought it a year or two ago and I know I was dumb to use this as my first mount, but what the hell right??? Anyways it looks like a normal Fox squirrel, except the whole belly front legs and botton of its face are black.

    I got to skinning it today and noticed that part of the tail is messed up. Obviously that needs to be fixed. I already have a form from WASCO in a standing up position. Skinning it, I left the legs in for now and have stop rot on it a and put it back in the freezer. One of the top paws is messed up, im thinking it was trapped than dispatched. Here are my questions

    1. Can someone help with with a natural look I can do to keep that bad paw from showing being in a standing position?? Any ideas?

    2. Is it possible to pull off just putting another tail on it and be able to make it look NATURAL and no stiches showing?

    any help would be appreciated
  2. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    If you really want to use that skin, ditch the sitting pose and do a standing on all 4's and strategically place a leaf to hide the bad paw. And make the tail a little on the short side by bunching it up. It will be fluffier and will allow for more hiding ability, if it still sucks replace the tail. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

  3. Russ of V.O.W.T

    Russ of V.O.W.T my Ken Edwards moment

    yep, Harley hit the nail on the head about the pose, its hard to hide a paw on an upright squirrel , your going to have to change the pose. As for the tail, yes you can change it out, its not that hard, but you will have to take your time on stitching , and not get in a hurry like you did on the deer here, take it slow and easy and make clean hidden stitches. Its not hard, just takes time, you can do it, keep the hair out of the stitches, and you will be fine. Russ

    HOLMES Active Member

    I hate squirells. After your done run over it a couple times in the drive way. It makes me feel so much better.
  5. Jason Fessenden

    Jason Fessenden My Little Princess


    and thanks to Harley and Russ. Unfortunately I just might pitch the damn thing lol the whole idea was because of its cool belly. really didnt want to hide the belly on all fours. thanks for the help guys. really appreciate it
  6. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    Don't pitch it, it will be good practice and even if it sucks you could sell it on FEEBAY for $40
  7. Helicity

    Helicity Squirrels – Natures Road Bumps

    I am not sure whats wrong with the paw but what if you made it hold something? You could have a handful of berries and have it in between its hands and part over the paw thats damaged.
  8. Jason Fessenden

    Jason Fessenden My Little Princess

    Thanks Helicity. I have been trying to think of different things that it could be holding with the one paw and covering the other. Hopefully I can get something

    Thanks again all. Really want this to work out
  9. Dean

    Dean New Member

    Alter the form slightly so it's grooming it's tail. The paw would be holding onto that part of the tail as it's curled around the body and the paw is hidden in the long hair of the tail and the bad spot in the tail is hidden as well in the paw. It's a 5 minute alteration.
  10. bone_painter

    bone_painter "Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it."

    I second Dean's idea. You would still see the neat belly, you would hide the faulty areas, and it would be a more interesting pose than the usual standing or climbing squirrel.
  11. HOLMES

    HOLMES Active Member

    You could make it a dead mount laying on its back. Thats were running over it inthe driveway comes into play. ;D
  12. Jason Fessenden

    Jason Fessenden My Little Princess

    Thanks for the idea holmes, might make me feel better :)
  13. hi Jason this is tom meet u at russ's when u were there. hope all is going well sounds like u got a lot of good thoughts
  14. scpol

    scpol Wholesale Bird Taxidermy....Fan of Mike & Harry

    Hey Jason,
    If you ever need help or need to use something, give me a call. I'm in wonder lake,
    not more than half hour from you. Scott Olson...Lakeland Taxidermy...815-378-8170
    I'm in the shop all day every day
  15. well all i can say is do a climbing pose and use some spanish moss to hide the paw
  16. bassnbuck

    bassnbuck better late than never

    maybe holding a pine cone with its paws....
  17. alright here it goes... ive purchased critters from some of the worst folks on here so i had to learn a few tricks of my own.. what i would do is find a critter about the same . then make a mold from cilcone on the foot that was needed . cast it in bondo drill put wire in mount your critter add bondo foot and paint useing as close color as you can you can even paint the toe nails red works in a pinch and you would be suprised at the detail of the fur and paw,, works for me mark c ps: spray pam on the foot first and mix a couple of drops of acrlic paint into 100 % cilcone work fast done in 10 mins. try it have fun
  18. 71Challenger R/T

    71Challenger R/T Member

    here is my take on it. a black belly a must to do standing, or it is just another squirrel. Yes you can add a new tail. if you leave 3/4 inch of the tail on body you can use zap a gap at the union and sewing is not a problem. as for the foot I would us a pine cone as someone suggested. and use on of a size that the foot would look natural between the pedals of the cone. this will hide the foot. However I recently discovered that often times all the skin is present. if hydrated well and cleaned it can be sewn back together with fine color matched thread. and it will be undetectable. take your time be patent, and look it over good you will see how it goes back together
  19. Jason Fessenden

    Jason Fessenden My Little Princess

    thanks for all the ideas :)