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Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by RDA, Jun 17, 2008.


    GBRUCH "I am nothing without christ".....John 15:5

    LOL UFD I guess it would be a good thing if it was graded a "D" then LOL.
  2. Monty Artrip

    Monty Artrip Active Member

    Congrats, Gary!! I agree it is way cool, we will just have to be old school!!

  3. Very nice fish Gary...or as my 13 year old son would say..... THAT'S BEASTLY!!!...LOL!
  4. Great Fish as always Gary !
    ....I'll bet we see a lot of closed mouth / gill, Largemouth replicas at the state shows in 09
    after seeing yours displayed.
  5. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    Congratulations are in order for one of the finest and one of the most talented taxidermist I have had the please to work with. Praise is a flattering form of admiration for ones efforts! People choose their words by what moves them so try not to limited or critique the offering of such a gift by ranking or commenting on their word choice. It may come off … well … just be grateful for praise in any form as we all should. Accept it for the joy it is and the gratitude it is meant to have for your efforts! So sweeet fish! Looks very fishhhhhhhy! Congrads Gary!
    Your friend
    Rick Krane
  6. Joey Arender

    Joey Arender big mouth alert

    Yeah congrats..... Gary I love that little bass...
  7. H Jr.

    H Jr. Member

    All you guys forgot the word PHAT....That fish is phat... thats a word i hear alot of the kids use
  8. Jeff Lumsden

    Jeff Lumsden Well-Known Member


    Your fish is real.


    Quit being such a popinjay on the internet!
  9. Harum

    Harum Active Member

    I'm sorry Jeff but I've already absconded from this discussion ;) but I do have to say Dave's comment was way cool!
  10. Gary,my daughter says "Its THE BOMB",I think its really,really good.KD
  11. TJ1

    TJ1 New Member

    In all reality, there haven't been many largemouth bass that from ANY distance do not look painted. This is one of them.

    We all wonder what will be next.........one with a heartbeat?

    Or should I have just said it was "rad"?

  12. UFD

    UFD Member

    Gary - D....C.....B...........it's all good. ;D
  13. GBRUCH

    GBRUCH "I am nothing without christ".....John 15:5

    Agreed Dave ;D
  14. carver

    carver Member

    I sit in an 8x8 cube all day and wish I could have a job producing something half as good as that. You are extremely talented.

    Keeping in line with the other posts I will contribute some modern day lingo I have heard that I think has more of a fishing theme:

    Gary, that fish is "off the hook"!!!!
  15. rp

    rp Member

    Nice Gary, i have seen a smallmouth bass that u did for a guy here in South Africa, must say it looks alive, ur a real special artist. ;D
  16. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    What more canI say that has not been said. Nice going GB!
  17. Vernelson.M

    Vernelson.M New Member

    Hey Gary, if only we could ask Pat, he's so hip!
  18. I would say it`s Jackhammer !
  19. GBRUCH

    GBRUCH "I am nothing without christ".....John 15:5

    Pat----I forgot all about him/her? lol.

    That was a hoot!
  20. congrats Gary, looking good!