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The Phenom Tenbears

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by 71Challenger R/T, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. 71Challenger R/T

    71Challenger R/T New Member

    I recently completed a 3 month taxidermy course with Tenbears. Let me tell you My life will never be the same. Not only did I take the course at his shop with one on one instruction. I stayed with him and his family at their home. where I was treated like a member of their family. For those who do not know Tenbears let me tell you this The man is an honest to goodness phenomenon. My life will forever seem dull after being a part of his. Aside from being a great taxidermist He is a marvelous teacher. And he must love teaching. Because aside from running the taxidermy business, and teaching me taxidermy. He also has a sporting goods store. Where he teaches concealed carry classes, as well as SCUBA Dive classes. At least twice a week he was off repairing leaks in swimming pools. One day he got a call at 10 pm and told Tina (His wife) he had to go out. I asked if I could ride along as it was hot and I was not tired. I figured the ride would be relaxing. Besides I liked talking with him. we drove to a little farm where a young girl sat holding a pony. The pony has been crowded into a fence bay some larger horses. its chest and legs were cut pretty badly. For nearly 2 hours Tenbears stood hunched over the pony cleaning and sewing up the cuts. He gave the pony a shot and gave the mother several other to give the pony over the next few days. He helped the pony to it's feet and gave it a pat saying I think Ginger will be okay. The little girl hugged Tenbears and thanked him. As the mother asked what they owed. Tenbears simply said "Brittany just paid me in full. But lets keep that just between us". I somehow got the feeling he said that to a lot of folks.
    Every day was like that at the Tenbears house. One day he asked if I minded if he begged out of class, he said he would make it up with me . I of course agreed. a few minuets later he came out in full sheriff's uniform. Seems he volunteers at the local sheriffs department when they need him. Tina told me he does not get paid to do it, he does it because he likes to help out. Go figure. I never saw the man sleep. He was up when I went to bed, and he was up when I got up. when asked he said "there will be plenty time for that soon enough". Now get this The dude is like 60 or 70 years old.
    When I considered Taking the class from Tenbears I asked here about him. and was told by several he was a good guy, and a good taxidermist. My opinion differs a bit I would say great. and add great human being.
    For $9000.00 I got 3 months Taxidermy training 3 months room and board. scuba lessons No pool training, or what they called open water work. but education is education. A concealed carry class, no certificate. 4 hours trap shooting every Sunday. and the experience of a life time. not to mention a host of new friends who seem to genuinely care about me and my family. If anyone is thinking of taking Taxidermy lessons I can recommend And would strongly suggest Tenbears. You will not be sorry .
    Thanks Tenbears There could never be adequate compensation for all you have given me

    HOLMES Active Member

    Thats great. Im glad you went.

  3. Curt

    Curt Family Life member of the NTA

    Sounds like a great experience.. I am glad to see that you took notice of all the extra stuff going on not just the taxidermy. Maybe you will be compelled to do some sort of volunteer work in your area and inspire some others to do the same. Best of luck to you.. Some how I know you are going to do just fine...