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Missoula vally school of Taxidermy

Discussion in 'Training' started by coon21, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. coon21

    coon21 Member

    Has any one ever heard off it, or attended it. I was wondering what you thought of it and is it a good school to go to? Its in Thompson falls. If anyone has any posative or negative feedback i would like to hear it please. Thanks
  2. I had two employees attend there......GREAT SCHOOL

  3. cathunt

    cathunt New Member

    If you want to know about the school call me... 406-698-8170 Jason
    I can tell you everything you need to know about it.
  4. I went there Jan-March this year email me and I'll be happy to talk to you about it. Better yet call me 707-539-1331
  5. My brother and I attended there last winter. We went to the two month course. Great school! Lots of hands on time and one on one with instructor. As any school would be you have to apply yourself. Go there planning on doing as many mounts as possible and dont have a lazy attitude. You get a chance to mount a lot of variety and help Tim with his projects so you get exposed to everything. Tim does great work and really knows his stuff, plus he is always available for help even a year later. We call him for advice all the time. We left there being confident in our work and had no trouble openning our own business. I highly recomend this school.
  6. chickenrunn

    chickenrunn Member

    I was a teacher there for a while, Tim and Cristy are great people and both of them are willing to help there students exceed.. You must be willing to work, and have the thought process going. People have been doing this for years and it takes time and practice..Good luck to you and hope you do well..
  7. steele

    steele New Member

    Do they have an email or web address
  8. Mvst is top notch. Tim is an amazing teacher. I attend this summer and have nothing but great things to say about it. It was worth every penny.
  9. chickenrunn

    chickenrunn Member

    Yes they do and it is www.Taxidermyschools.com that will be there web page there links for communications
  10. Coyote Stalker

    Coyote Stalker I think I can mount it

    Make sure you get the manuals that are promised and be prepared to send $$$ for your mounts. It can really get expensive if you don't bring your own capes or specimens. Tim is a great instructor and very easy going. You will learn alot and get "hands on" with alot of Tim's projects. If you go, get the basement apartment ant Curt and Cheryl's home. Very nice.

    You can't go wrong with MVST
  11. jazz_fan1

    jazz_fan1 Member

    I attended last september and I got more out of it than I ever dreamed I could. Tim was awesome, and he is a brilliant artist. He really knows what he is doing and he knows how to teach. I was only there for two shoulders and 1 lifezize. But when I left I felt like I could do anything in the taxidermy world. It was tons of fun and the town was great too. I would give Tim, his friendly wife, and MVST two thumbs way up! Sign up you wont regret it.
  12. mongofromalabama

    mongofromalabama New Member

    I went in summer of 2001 just when Tim took over. I had a great time and learned a great deal. I've had my business since 2001 and have done over 500 deer since. Work hard, work smart and enjoy Thompson falls.