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Please Critique....

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Taxidermydude017, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. this is my 2nd bass, and my first walleye. You cant really tell from the picure of the walleye, but I tipped all the scales in the midsection with a combination of bright yellow and gold pearl
  2. for comparison, this is my first bass

  3. bassnbuck

    bassnbuck better late than never

    im no expert...just a beginner as u are.....but the bass looks 100% better on the mount....the only thing id suggest is to tone down the lateral spots....but that can give even the best fits.....GOOD JOB....stay at it ur on ur way
  4. Iam no expert by no means,,,but it looks like you didnt paint the part between the lips and the cheeks...or under the gill flap..just my 2 cents ...but it still looks goood ..keep up the good work,,you;ll get better with every one,,refernece..reference,,fererece...
  5. B Jones

    B Jones Memeber of - NTA,UTA,AIT.Proud Member of NZTA.

    Nice effort Taxidermydude, it looks to me that you have missed painting areas on your fish. There are areas that show allot of dead looking tissue. Your lateral line on your second fish also looks stenciled.
  6. BIGUN

    BIGUN Member

    WOW Nice work! The first thing I noticed is how great the fins look on both of those fish- super clean and full- not wrinkley- very nice! It looks like you're making a fast and natural progression- I would say keep on keeping on! If you can make as much improvement on the next fihs- that will be incredible. Look at your first bass and then your second and figure out what you did different and why you did it, then keep progressing in that direction, based on your reference materials.
    Pay close attention to your head to body junctions and making sure there are no shrunken areas (clean the skin really well and rebuild any areas that still shrink).
    You definately have a talent.
  7. jward

    jward First with a bow

    I haven't done any fish yet, but I would say if that was done for me I would have liked to see the stripe come all the way into the cheek area. But I think the fish looks nice, I hope mine turn out half that good when I finally give a try.
  8. 1tigger

    1tigger Active Member

    They look good for just starting out .
    I would throw away the stencils for the bass though .
    In my opinion they usually cause you to apply too much paint and make the patterns look over painted and deliberate .
  9. They look good for your early mounts, one tip I would give is for taking pictures, scotch tape a sheet of toilet paper over your flash, just put a piece of tape on the top of the flash and let it hang over the front. You will loose the glare from the flash and get better photographs to share, the detail will come out.

    Just keep mounting and as everyone will tell you, for good reasons though, KEEP looking at REFERENCE!!!!!!!!!! rw
  10. thanks for the picture taking advice. I didnt use stencils, I did all the markings by hand mostly with the round flat end of a paint brush
  11. Ill just hit a couple of points...
    Painting a fish is like aging wine...takes time to get it right, so no comments there. Practice x3.
    The fins are decent as was mentioned but Id say the most obvious thing you could do from here on out is to stop pulling those pelvic fins down so far. Its not natural and if you look for that in your live reference, it will help you start to notice other things that will make your fishwork improve rapidly. Little things are big in taxidermy! Good luck and hang with it.
  12. jim tucker

    jim tucker Active Member

    and they are very good for the experience you have.

    Everyone is being so nice these days! It is tough on a BB to not sound like an ass, but I want to help you so I need to give some criticism.

    1. There is shrinkage at the base of all your fins. Especially noticeable at the tail juncture. You need to remove everything in the tail out to the end of the scales. It seems impossible when you first start out, BUT it can easily be done. You need to replace the MEAT you remove with something when mounting. I prefer CLAY. Others use mache. Either way use some at all fin junctures. you will be amazed how much it will improve the look of your fish.

    2. I cannot say for sure from the photos but your eyes look too big. Measure only the IRIS of your fish when choosing an eye to order. You need to rebuild the eye orbit and then set the eye on that. Don't just fill the empty eye socket with the eye. Again doing this will improve the staring look. here are some photos of what I am talking about. Every species is a little different. Flex eyes have this orbit installed ON the eye or you can do it yourself.



    3. Like others said learning to paint fish takes time. The only thing I can say to really HELP is look at reference and try to copy it.

    4. the head juncture on the walleye needs help. Notice on the profile it is hanging down.
  13. lookn4awhitetail

    lookn4awhitetail "I shoot a Mathews, cause I dont wanna Hoyt them"

    Those are some hard spots on that bass. Stencils?