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100 Mammal books for sale

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by newbirdman, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. newbirdman

    newbirdman Active Member

    I know this isnt the FOR SALE section but I figured more Mammal people would see it here . I have at least 100 Mammal books for sale on E bay now. I have field guides , lots of pet and Horse books , general Mammal books , technical and some veterinarian books. Heres a few examples . Copy and paste any one on E bay and see all 3000 ( when listed ) of my nature books. Rick

    Click here: A FIELD GUIDE TO THE MAMMALS N. A. - Peterson - eBay (item 350076896174 end time Jul-13-08 10:51:09 PDT)

    Click here: SPORTSMAN'S GUIDE TO BIG GAME ANIMALS - eBay (item 350076954273 end time Jul-13-08 13:48:24 PDT)

    Click here: DOLPHINS,WHALES + PORPOISES encyclopedia of sea mammals - eBay (item 350077348711 end time Jul-14-08 18:19:26 PDT)

    Click here: DISSECTION OF THE CAT : laboratory manual - eBay (item 170237265192 end time Jul-14-08 18:15:41 PDT)

    Click here: Bears of the World by Mark Newman, Terry Domico (1988) - eBay (item 350077344801 end time Jul-14-08 18:06:44 PDT)

    Click here: LOT # 2 TWO BOOKS ON GUINEA PIGS - eBay (item 350077320879 end time Jul-14-08 16:41:06 PDT)

    Click here: RAISING MILK GOATS THE MODERN WAY - eBay (item 170237264641 end time Jul-14-08 18:13:41 PDT)

    Click here: Outwitting Squirrels by Bill Adler Jr. (1996) - eBay (item 170237235222 end time Jul-14-08 16:36:47 PDT)

    Click here: MILLER'S ANATOMY OF THE DOG ( excellent info ) - eBay (item 170237235714 end time Jul-14-08 16:38:42 PDT)

    Click here: HORSES : THEIR SELECTION , CARE AND HANDLING - eBay (item 350076962231 end time Jul-13-08 14:17:42 PDT)

    Click here: LAMENESS IN HORSES , 1st edition - eBay (item 170236837116 end time Jul-13-08 14:03:46 PDT)

    Click here: THE WORLD OF THE WHITE TAILED DEER - eBay (item 170236832671 end time Jul-13-08 13:47:06 PDT)

    Click here: LOT # 6 THREE GERBIL BOOKS - eBay (item 350076951577 end time Jul-13-08 13:37:55 PDT)
  2. newbirdman

    newbirdman Active Member

    Last chance , these started ending yesterday and will end tomorrow. Still have about 75 listed. Rick