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Big bull head. Horn trouble.

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by mahatma, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. mahatma

    mahatma Vertex

    I love the horns on this head. The head is not near as impressive as other I have but I love them banana horns. The outer horns are suffering from damage however. Some may have been when it was alive, some from the weather etc. I don't want them damaged any more. I asked a few questions of Darrel Hall and he kept me from making any more mistakes. I don't want to put this head down into any more water until I get the outer horns OFF. But I am stuck there. I think I need to take a saw and saw a fine clean line at the base of each horn cap and make sure it is separated from the skull. Then let the skull sun. But I will take any advice.

    Big head with yard stick.

    Right side showing some of the damage.

    Left side.

    Back on the left side.

    Back on the right side.

    I had to find a bigger bucket.

    Is there anything I could put on the horns that will do them some good. Something that will preserve them until I can get them off that head. I think tipping big heads like this may make the horns harder to remove. Gives the gasses to places to escape. I am thinking I may just let it sun until that inside core shrinks some more. I don't mind some of the horns showing the rough treatment. I like them to be real life. I would just like them to be as pretty as possible too.
  2. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Try using a rubber mallet on the horns after they have had a good soak. Hit around the bases and along the horns themselves. Also hit the horn away from the skull, trying to see if you can get it to move in the direction it needs to go to slide off the cores. The inside core won't really shrink, it's solid bone.

    I had the same problem with a Highlander skull I did. After black bagging it on the roof for a month they did come off with a mallet.


    Saved the hippy hair to put back on too :)


  3. Taxidermy Nutt

    Taxidermy Nutt yup, i can b cray-Z!

    ha ha LOL thats funny! you should really mount it like that seawolf!
  4. NDNHunter

    NDNHunter 2007 World Chamionships, Reno

    Micheal P. has a good tutorial on removing horns like that. Do a search.