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Historical taxi-photo

Discussion in 'Taxidermy History' started by RDA, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    thought I share this shot with ya all.. James L. Clark with Lion models. American museum of nat. hstory

  2. jennifer

    jennifer New Member

    Are those the MAN EATING LIONS of Tsavo, Kenya? They are a the Museum of Natural History.

  3. Justin P.

    Justin P. Active Member

    Very COOL!
  4. blackpup

    blackpup New Member

    Jennifer, No, these are not the man eating lions. They were origanally mounted into rugs in England. Then came to the Chicago Field Museum and were mounted by ( I will look up his name to make sure before I post it) a taxidermist who had incredible skills.

    Ron, A photo similar to that in the Encyclopedia, of African Lions is where I got enough information to do my first mount 56 years ago at age nine. All, way before I knew of J.W. Elwood.

    Thanks for sharing , I enjoyed that. I am mounting the first of three African lions now.

  5. So...maybe we shouldn't complain about minor form alterations. I'm betting that box of clay didn't just turn into a lion body all by it's self.
  6. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    I want a time machine! Go back & be there! I know we've come a long ways and I'll probably never know the joy that was building my own manniken from 2x4's & the full skull...::)...but dang I'd love to go see that.
  7. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    You're right Roger. Every night after they'd turn the lights off, the Taxidermy Fairies would show up and do all that sculpting work so that they could mount the animals the next day. When the major suppliers started casting forms out of foam, the Taxidermy Fairies stopped coming around. Every night I close my shop I pray taht the Taxidermy Fairies will show back up again and help me out. Sadly, the closest I've ever come to that is Ken Walker. ROTFLMAO
  8. blackpup

    blackpup New Member

    Correction to my post above.

    The Tsavo lions were mounted in Nairobi, East Africa into open mouth rugs and later were purchased by the president of the Field Museum and mounted by Julius Friesser into full body mounts.

    Julius Friesser never got to go on a collection. All of the fantastic work he did was from modeling from just the skin. This man was one of the greatest unknown taxidermist ever.

    LisaM, you should get the book the African Obsession by Ackely. You will see that both Ackley and Clark made tons and tons of plaster body molds from the carcuss in the field.

    looking at the work of these early great taxidermist gave me the burn at age 9 just to replicate their skills with no idea of being better than they.

    LisaM, go get a full ,fresh unskinned animal and a few bags of plaster and turn that desire to go back in time into a reality.

    Have fun, Monte
  9. Well George, the fairies still come to my shop night after night. They move feathers around so they ain't where I carded them. They pull tape and pins, just what ever it takes to keep my in the grooming phase of a mount. They mess with my bases, They plug my glue gun in so it can drip all night...grief. Can you imagine working with some of those guys? I skip over so much of (their) work. I Stab a body in a bird and take credit for it.
  10. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    For my own education (& appreciation for the old timers) I think I'm going to do this. I have a personal mount...a squirrel. Y'all may laugh at me...that's fine. :D ;) I'm thinking I should freeze the carcass in the position I want, then mold it. Bound to learn as I go. :) Would using 2 part foam be cheating? I've wrapped my own bodies before so I do know how to do that. Sculpting them though, I think I'd need some of George's fairies. ;D :D
  11. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

    http://www.taxidermy4cash.com/denver.html Check it out. pages and pages of taxidermy and old taxidermy photos.
  12. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    James,, I have a bunch of original photos from the museum.. :)
  13. blackpup

    blackpup New Member

    James, that is a fun site. Thanks Monte

    Lisa, I think the meterial does not matter as much as the experience of doing it. We did a colt last fall. We had to boogie it was 96 degrees in the shop that afternoon. I will try to get pictures up in the lifesize section. If you get started and have any questions just pm me and I will help you. Later Monte
  14. Grafton

    Grafton New Member

    The photo looks a little staged as there are no Mountain Dew bottles on the floor ;D.

    The book African Obsession is a biography on Carl Akeley by Penelope Bodry-Sanders.

    James L. Clark really was a fantastic taxidermist

    Some other great reads and photos can be found in:

    Trails of the Hunted by James L. Clark
    My Way of Becoming a Hunter by Robert Rockwell
    In Brightest Africa by Carl Akeley
    An Artists adventures in Africa by William R. Leigh
  15. Treva

    Treva I praise God for the Love of my life Doug

    WOW I really like those old photo. Thanks guys for sharing Treva
  16. Jon S

    Jon S Well-Known Member

    I like the smaller models as well. Those guys could really sculpt.
  17. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    What I love most about those old pics is those guys were not only great artist, but they had class. Could you imagine getting up everyday and putting on a bowtie with a nice shirt to go mount animals?
  18. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    I love the history too. I own some of those books. I got some nice stuff from JJ also, that guy could tell you all. Remember, the killer lions of Tsavo had no manes...
  19. Tom Cruickshank

    Tom Cruickshank The History Channel says I'm "creepy"!!

    I wish I could remember 1/100th of what JJ rattled off the top of his head while we were in the Museum of Natural History......
  20. msc

    msc New Member

    Thanks for sharing it is great to look back to where it started

    Awesome Pics