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Dawn and ammonia?

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by staffs-skeletons, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. staffs-skeletons

    staffs-skeletons www.skeletonsUK.com

    Quick question.

    Can you mix dawn (washing up liquid over here) with ammonia for better degreasing.
    Also, if you can do this, is it safe to heat because I know dawn and water degrease better when its warm. Can you still heat if you add ammonia?
  2. umm i mixed the two together without any problems and i heated it to about 30 degress for 3 weeks with no problems

  3. bulldog4949

    bulldog4949 "Mounting your Memories"

    Yes i mix them all of the time. No problems!!!

    Go for it!!!
  4. SS, yes you can, i mix about a cup of dawn, and a hlf gal of amonia, to about 15 gal water then heat to bout 120-150deg, works great!!
  5. yes.............mix them up and heat as you please.

    You dont have to water it down if you dotn want I like as much of it to be ammonia as possible so useually i dont add any water to it.
  6. staffs-skeletons

    staffs-skeletons www.skeletonsUK.com

    Okay, ill give it a blast.

    I would use lots more ammonia but Its pretty expensive here. Cant buy household ammonia anywhere locally so I have to get it from a local chemical factory.

    Thanks guys.
  7. Do you have a walmart, its bout a dollar per hlf gal. I'm looking into buying it in bulk from my chemical co. it is 27%, and a 30gal barrel is $80, ,lots cheaper.
  8. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Um. Northern. Small question. 30 gallons is 60 half gallons right? And if it's a dollar for a half gallon, that's $60.00. Could you please explain how $80 is cheaper than $60? What am I missing?
  9. ammonia?

    Hi Lisa
    I think the ammonia from wall Mart is a 3% solution---That's the same strength I get at the local A&P-- and I pay $1.69/gal--- the ammonia that Northern is talking about is a 27% solution--- the 27% ammonia can be cut 50/50 twice and produce 4gal of 6.5% ammonia---or after a 3rd cut--8gal of 3.25%--- (Hmmmm I think i did the math correctly) --- that is what makes it a better deal economically--- If he cuts hes 30gal purchase twice-- he gets 60gal on the first cut (at a strength of 13.5
    %) and after a second cut he would have 120gal of the 6.5% solution--double the strength of the WMart or A&P stuff--- That would make the 120gal cost approx $.67/gal---

  10. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Ohhhhhhhhh Okay...NOW I get it. ;) I knew I was missing something! Thank you ORG!
  11. Thanks old ret guy, i forgot to add that part!! :-[
  12. cleanign supply stores have it as well..... dont be affraid to buy stronger solutions and water it down it will save you cash if you have a place fairly local to buy it from.

    but most of the time i use $1 per bottle dollar general stuff..... you dotn have to completely dispose of it after each degrease it can be re-used to an extent just like peroxide.