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Shipping sucks!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Randy, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Randy

    Randy Huntin Chamios on Mount Cook, New Zealand

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
    Let me start by saying that I am just venting and I don't want to piss anyone off.
    Shipping just sucks!! About 50% of my client base is not local and requires crating and shipping. Most of the time that is nice because I don't have to deal with clients comming to the shop and hangin out. BUT when the price for shipping comes up it is just crazy. On the large stuff I get a good rate thru the local freight carrier with a 65% discount. Even with the 65% the rate of a finished trophy at a rate class of 300 is totally ridiculous. The smaller stuff that can go FedEx or UPS is crazy too. $189 just to ship a finished deer head! That is NUTS! The clients don't like it and get a sour feeling and are not happy. O well just have to get use to it or just don't ship things anymore.

    One more vent UPS customer service just plain SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    Great now I feel better that I have vented.

    Happy shipping guys and gals
  2. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    I know what you mean Randy, I crated and shipped a finished wt to a client in IL. It was 160.00 to ship it there from Ohio. I hate to tell you, but it's only going to get worse. There will come a time when it will be too much for most, probably sooner than I would like. Hope you are doing well and take care.

  3. RoyalOaksRanch

    RoyalOaksRanch Royal Oaks Taxidermy- When Quality Counts...

    well I just got MY bill for one life size deer form. it was half off so couldnt resist... well.... 34.89 for shipping.. and its STILL in transit.. EEKK,, ohh and new ups tracking service does NOT tell you when it is expected to arrive.. It just shows where it happens to have been checked in or out last.. So I cant even plan for when it will arrive.. Go figure..
    I suppose 34 isnt so bad all things considered.. Last check it was in Kansas LOL.. Must be taking the scenic tour..
  4. could it be the size of the box that is killing you ? ill bet it is mark c
  5. cattrax

    cattrax Beats being in the shop!

    Try shipping 95% of your stuff.
  6. MarkTanner

    MarkTanner Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina.

    This is dangerous political ground but what the hell... This is definately gonna get worse! Unless Ups start drivin big ole "electric" package cars or we relect the entire us congress and fix our energy crisis by drilling and refining our own oil were gonna continue to see shipping cost shoot through the roof. You wanna help get cost down......Go vote! Admited there ain't much to choose from but i can gaurantee you one thing, If Obama gets in the white house shipping cost will be the least of your problems! You can take that to the bank.
  7. Randy

    Randy Huntin Chamios on Mount Cook, New Zealand

    Yes I agree to all that has been said. It seems that many companies are using this fuel crisis as a crutch to make out for lost ground. I am only part time but I do allot of work and have some helpers that assist me. I do about 100 to 125 mounts per year. I am in the energy business, the electric power side of it. As SC deerhunter said if Obama gets elected watch out, how true. Case in point the carbon tax. Nothing but a tax on energy, gas, oil, coal, natural gas etc. About 85% of our nations electricity comes from these sources and if the carbon tax goes thru, you can count another adder of 25% in the name of the environment and the wacko enviros.
    I have a friend that is retired and has a bit of a handycap. On one of my last safaris that I did he decided he would like to go for a drive for me. He delivered the safari himself. He drove 3600 miles just to deliver the safari. I cornered the client the price that the freight carrier would have charged me, and keep in mind I get a 65% discount form this freight company. He drove his Jeep Cherokee and an attached trailer. Not a great gas mileage setup. After the trip he added up his costs and was able to put a bit over $400 in his pocket. I could not believe that he could drive that thing 3600 miles for less than the trucking company would have charged me.
  8. MarkTanner

    MarkTanner Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina.

    Your dead on right. Obama.....be afraid. very afraid. The carbon tax you spoke of is nothing short of a huge revanue generator the government will use to further criple big biz. Not to mention the small biz. By the time we know what hit us we'll be payin double the costs and a black market for "carbon credits" will be a reality. Kickbacks and corruption will run amuck and yet another liberal plan to "Save the planet" will have it's foot placed firmly on our necks. A wolf in sheeps clothing. That's Obama. You want change? Well you'll get it. Obama himself said, "this is the greatest country on the planet. Join me so we can change it." Huh? Now why on earth would we want to do that? The Libs will say whatever it takes to make you feel good while they forward there agenda. Look at Al gore... Perfect example! This guy preaches "Go green" , conserve, bla,bla,bla. Do you people understand this man has a ranch in Tennesee where his utility cost exeed 15k a month!!! Are you kidding me?? That would pay my power bill for years. Vote Obama and you'll see taxes and costs of living shoot up like the space shuttle. That freinds is no joke! Ok, I'm gonna climb down off my soap box now.. Think I'll go shoot a squirel or something.
  9. I just shipped an Elk head through Taxidermy Freight and it was 485 after a 10% discount. It was better than anywhere else which would have been 800-1000 to ship. :eek:
  10. I ship out a ton of Caribou and moose mounts, last month i had a total of 6 moose shoulder mounts and 4 caribou going to texas, Try shipping a 73" moose with out detachables to houston from fairbanks, cost $1795.00. but usually its around $700.00 to $1100.00 for my shipping.

    This month i got 4 more moose, 1/2 life bou , 2 half lifesize bears going to texas and georgia..some customers make a comment about the shipping but 95% of them never say a word about it.
  11. WRBH

    WRBH My 10pt

    Before I started working on getting into Taxidermy had a Jacob Four Horn and Spanish goat mounted by a Taxidermist in Monn Twp, PA, I lived in Crescent, PA at the time. Before it was done we moved to Hardy, AR area. Was just planning on having it shipped, finally got the call, they were done and was going to cost about 650.00 to ship them to me, they were both just shoulder mounts, so said forget that. Drove to PA, was able to visit with a good friend, and pick them up for about 150.00.
  12. Nyati

    Nyati I love tahr huntin

    Try living here in New Zealand and having to import forms, etc from the States. The supply companies will only ship air frieght.
  13. gab

    gab Active Member

    I use estes express and they are class200 on trophies.makes a huge difference!I've shipped out 23 heads so far this week,but I try to ship all I can uPS in double cardboard boxes.works good for small wT,pronghorn,sheep and goats.I charge 30 to box and 50 to ship.even super oversized in a uhaul box is only $110 compared to 250
  14. V3

    V3 New Member

    Yes Shipping Charges are a real pain in the butt.

    But to use this for political bashing of one or another.......
    Give me a break.......

    But if we must then her eis my thought on the matter.

    A. Both of our choices suck this year.

    We get a prolonged war in Iraq and Afghanistan and possibly Iran with one (Talk about fuel cost rising....see what happens wqhen the Straits of Hormouz (sp?) are shut down and 1/4 of the worlds oil stops flowing).

    And Taxed and regulated to death by the other....

    Neither is a real good choice...

    Also why are fuel costs rising?????

    Since the deregulation of the commodities market with reguards to oil speculative investments two years ago (Approved by a Rep House/Senate and Pres) we have seen prices go through the roof.

    Since our "Secret" Due to National Security Issues (So says the White House) Energy policy.
    We have seen Energy go through the roof but profits in all energy sectirs soar.

    Our politicians all made this mess and no one party is going to fix it.

    Oil drilled anywhere in the US will not stay in the U.S. And that is the problem with oil in the U.S.

    If we want to see prices drop lets start producing our own fuels from our own untapped resources for Americans.

    And I say if the Nations of Opec want to get 200.00 a barrel for oil....
    We should charge the same for a bushel of Wheat or Corn to them.
    If they dont want to pay for it let them eat fish in Quaker State.

    Our Resources have to stay here.
    That willdrop the prices for energy we are being raped over.
    And ultimatly give us better security and lower our cost to ship our products anywhere in the world.

    Just my thoughts.

    P.S. I am not a Dem or Rep....I am though, a 13.5 Year Honorably Discharged Army Ranger with A Bronze Star and several other commendations.
    I love this country....But not what is happening to it through greed.

    P.S. P.S.BP's own quarterly report said that the cost for production of oil was 27.50 per barrel out of the ground and delivered last quarter (it is on their web site).....
    But get this...........They blamed the high cost of oil on rising shipping cost too.

    Ironic? Priceless....
  15. Nyati

    Nyati I love tahr huntin

    I have just ordered a form from a company in the States. The form is worth $162.00 and freight came to $153.75. This is for just one medium size lifesize form.

    When I read on here that some people drive to some of the supply houses I get very jealous
  16. Randy wish I had good news for you but I dont, every thing went up except our wages it dont look good. And it SUCKS !!!!!
  17. Todd K

    Todd K New Member

    Personally, I dont see why someone would get something mounted that far from home. I dont know too many who can afford 1,000 for a moose mount, let alone pay 1,700 to ship one. Why would'nt they have the guide or outfitter cape it and let a client take it home where he can have a local taxidermist do the work? Not meaning to rub anyone the wrong way, just seems like a waste of money to ship a mount. I have a client from Florida coming up to visit his son and he will be taking 2 LS black bears back with him. I can only imagine what he would have to pay to ship them from Ohio to Florida!
  18. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    I shipped a 230" class lifesize deer & a 170" shoulder mount in the same big crate to a client in Florida. It cost HIM $ 425.00 through Taxidermy Freight but he never blinked an eye. I have 17 animals from his last safari to mount but I will deliver them to Florida personally when they are finished.
  19. RJ Simington

    RJ Simington Active Member

    OK, Here it is AGAIN;

    DTS " Deversified Transport Service" 1 406 862 9067

    They ship to & from ALL 48 states & CANADA

    I use them All the time for oversize & Heavy crates.

    Some examples & i bet you can not beat them no matter if you use Yellow, fedex, UPS freight or any others.

    I sent a 6' long 6 1/2 foot tall & 4 foot wide box with finished trophies to Texas from here in Oregon. It weighed 400 lbs. $325. total.

    Sent a 6 foot by 4 foot by 4 foot , 350 lbs Oregon to Georgia $250. total

    Sent a 4 foot wide 5 foot tall, 6 1/2 long. 375 lbs $290. total

    6 foot by 4 foot by 4 foot to Fairbanks Alaska. 300lbs $900. total.

    4 foot x 4 foot pallet of skins to Southern California $175. total

    & I could go on some more.

    All of these were shipped as finished trophies.

    Call Ryan, You will be suprised as well as happy that you did.

    I dont screw arround when it comes to saving money on shipping & getting GREAT service to boot.

    RJ Simington
    541 883 2492