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fleshing a goose

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by kentfast, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. kentfast

    kentfast New Member

    I have never tried any taxidermy but want to try to mount a canadian goose
    I know how oily and fatty geese are but can I get away without a fleshing wheel? with a good pair of scissors a scalpel and wire brush?
  2. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Yep...you can do it. I wouldn't use the wire brush. Just the scissors. Degrease with your favorite metho...oh wait...you haven't done this yet have you? You don't have a favorite method. :-\ Um...okay. After you've gotten all the fat off you can...you have different choices for removing even more fat.

    Here's something that'll help you more than me explaining all the choices you have. ;) Here...use this link & type in "Degreasing Birds" http://www.taxidermy.net/forum/index.php?action=search;advanced

    Good luck, and have fun. ;) Learn all you can from this bird...and don't be upset/angry with yourself when you screw it up. ;)

  3. V3

    V3 New Member

    A Goose Huh.......
    Good Bird to get used to Messy Grease and easy to learn wire on......Just remember the key to mounting any bird is to make it clean and keep it clean.....
    When in doubt wash it and wash again.......
    L gave you great advise....Just take your time and use all the photos you can find on the bird as references....

    get caught up come here and ask....There are a lot of very knowledgable people here willing to help.....

  4. OutbackJack

    OutbackJack Member

    I'm in the same boat. New and no wheel. Here's what I did. I set up an old bench vise and tightened my old variable speed drill in the vise. It worked the same as a wheel, but I recommend you make some sort of box to catch all the grease. The nice thing was I could set the speed as low/high as needed without worrying about tearing the skin. I then used a plastic pull tie around the trigger.

    if needed, I would pull the plug to turn it off. I only issue I had was skinning the tail area since its so thin and a big mess of greasy grease. That was the first time and I never knew they were that messy. I have 2 canadian geese in my freezer and I'm probably going to get 1-2 snow geese from my buddy once they start flying by.
  5. I made a flesher out of white melamine board used an old motor yadda yadda. After it broke down I went to lowes and bought a variable speed bench grinder and the biggest rubber maid tote they had. Turn the tote on it's side and stick the grinder inside with your wire wheel mounted to the grinder. I use it with the wheel toward the open end of the tote where the lid would be. The tote was $13 and I got the grinder for around $60
  6. Also whenever you are done with the fleshing you take the tote outside and rinse with hose. Easy cleanup
  7. OutbackJack

    OutbackJack Member

    How ironic?? I work at lowes and I was going to do the same thing. Thanks for letting me know that it works. Thats cool to hear. Now I know what to use my gift cards on.