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The Week in Fish Pictures~ Year 2# Week#43

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Rick Krane, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. den007

    den007 Active Member

    Thanks Gary.............this is one of the most difficult tasks in painting a replica..........creating organized chaos ! There is a pattern, but it is not something the human mind can easily replicate. That is what makes fish taxidermy a blast!
  2. GulfcoastWF

    GulfcoastWF New Member

    Well, I think Rich and Gary BOTH just need to stop posting pictures of live fish..... ;)

    awesome fish everyone! I have been working in three different directions (birds, paintings, fish) but I finish up my bass project so here you go.

    Josh, I hope that is the fish from the tutorial. It look great so far.

    Dennis I think we were on the same page with this delima (sweet walleye BTW). I just so happen to catch one of those little black crappie about 10 inches long this afternoon on my break and while I was intensely studying his physicals, I leraned something interesting... all this time I thought the spots and lines on the fins were white. From what I saw, the fins were transparent, near crystal clear( slightly amber) and paper thin, and it was actually the blackish-brown negative that made the transparent amber spots. From what you said gary about the brush on masking film (I call it liquid frisket), I think my question on this has been answered. This fourm is awesome!

    My first 2 bass paintjobs. Im happy with the results overall...thanks for everyones help.

  3. Yep thats the crappie from my tutorial. I am actually doing a step by step paint job tutorial with pictures at each stage like I did for my pumpkinseed. I may do one for the wall display as well.
    I figure some may get something out of seeing each stage from start to finish.

    Nice looking Bass!!
    very cool to see them done.

    The spots on the fins of a crappie are clear and thats what makes it so darn hard! thats were the artists eye tricks are needed.
  4. duxdog

    duxdog Active Member

    Nice bass Gulf. Did you cast the base or is it build with rocks?
  5. den007

    den007 Active Member

    Lowell.........that base still intrigues me......especially when you told me how fast you made it. Get those darned things out there for sale! Thanks for sharing your technique. I am going to give it a shot. Bass turned out great as well. DVD's on its way plus a little bonus reference CD. Truly "blue collar" bass painting.........quick and simple.

    Lou Wynia has a paint technique he used on crappie with the liquid frisket as well. It looked like it had possibilities, and I will try it. I think for my commercial mounts ( and that is all I do) I may burn my own stencils. There is a tool for this, and may save many agonizing twists and turns with those patterns. I will probably draw out a template for this, burn it into the stencil, and see how that works.

    Probably have these stencils for sale next week! LOL
  6. Bill4bass

    Bill4bass New Member

    Gulfcoast, You truly have a stand alone talent!!!!! What a gorgeous looking rendition!!!!
  7. 29 Lb Cumberland River Striper I just finished. ;D
  8. Trashfish

    Trashfish It's not easy being me!!

    Its been a few weeks for me to make a post, But this week is truly a thing of beauty. Great job EVERYONE !! keep up the great work, I won't have a fish to post for awhile. Right now I'm in the Deer mode, it looks like another month in a half before I can work on anything but Deer.But you never know, I'm Weak. I may have to do something with a fish just to clear my head and attitude.Have a great week you fish heads! ;D
  9. UFD

    UFD Member

    Holy smokes, Rick, that flowery statement is gonna require a trip to the ER to get these roses out of my posterior – LOL! All kidding aside, thanks bro, it means more than I can put in words.

    The Steelhead was a 30 lb. fish from a few years ago (and finished last week). I did a skin mount for the gentleman but molded the respective head and fins of the fish. In fact, this is the in-progress 30 lb fish that Rick is holding in the photos that we took while he was out here and subsequently posted on TWIFP. The stripe on this fish in kind of unique because it ended before reaching the caudal peduncle and most Steelhead stripes end within the region of the caudal peduncle. I see a few like that and most of the time the client wishes the stripe to be full length, but in this case we thought it best to remain true to the actual fish. Also, to clear things up, the particular eye is one of the new Tohickon 137 flints that I was able to get my hands on and install in the head before I had got my hands on some of Jeff’s lenses.

    Thanks to everyone else for their great comments also! They were both fun to read and humbling at the same time. Cole, the rocks are carved.

    There is some superb fish that you guys have posted this week! I really enjoy looking at your work (whether you have been at it for years or not very long, as well as whether you are a competition guru or just a commercial guy) because of the inspiration it gives me. As the artists that you all are, it is intriguing to look at your interpretations of fish because it gives me a glimpse into what you see in the real fish and therefore key-in on. Some of the effects and composition that you are able to put into your work is mind-blowing, and gives me a strong sense to venture out and try new methods, techniques, and presentations. So, thanks much to everyone!
  10. UFD

    UFD Member

    Well, that Steelhead was finished last week, so here is an 18" Brown Trout replica I finished this week....they definitely are a little different animal (painting) than what I am used to doing:
  11. duxdog

    duxdog Active Member

    Ok Dave, that's about enough of that. ::) Not fair....not fair at all. Thumbs up!
  12. in my best thug accent "Yoo Dave you keep doing this and I amma gonna havaa too breakaaa both of ya arms, youse got that!"

    EE Gads just when I think I get things figured out and doing better work Dave kicks my butt again. So I will just tuck my tail between my legs and run away now. yipe yipe yipe.

    Man you gotta quit that Dave your making Krane and that Gary fellow look bad.

    Now if you go and do some tropical salties, we will know you know your stuff.

    Wait one more, What did you pay Jeff L. to do that Steelie and that brown for you?

    You still live in the same place as you did in 1997 or so? I am going to see if any of my buddies at Ft Lewis can do a artillery call for fire!!
  13. DAVE! MAN

    I have only seen one brown you have done in the past.
    That is Too cool!! I want to see you do a Brookie or a Laker!
  14. duxdog

    duxdog Active Member

    I keep going back just to look at that Brown Dave. Wow! unbelievable.
  15. ArtistcAnglerInc.

    ArtistcAnglerInc. New Member

    Sweet work people! Im lovin all the brownies this week, they are my favorite trout by far. Great to see the many variations of color and pattern so far...Excellent my fellow fish crazies!
  16. TimWynia

    TimWynia www.wyniafish.com

    Hey Rick here are a few of those smallies we talked about that i just finished, yours will be getting ready shortly!!!
  17. I'm also liking that brown...as well as the crappies. I like the metallic look on the brown.
  18. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    Huge week so far in the talent department! Sorry I don't get on here as much as I would like too. I do get on here about twice a week when I can and for sure love the fish work I see! So much talent so many willing to inspire and share!!!!
    Dave I would be more than happy to have 1/2 your gifts!!! Man super work!
    Lowell I absolutely love your composition and softness in the natural presentation of your fish art! Outstanding!
    Josh you never fail to rise to the level of a great teacher! An immense talent artist as well!!!!
    Rich and Gary such beautiful fish very well done!!!!
    Tim!!! WOW I see some tremendous new products!!!! I will be here for most of the week I will give a call this week! Man When you though it couldn’t get better!!!!
    Great Striper this week I see!
    Vellu very nice Perch!
    Brian W Denny and Wild Bill Keeping the work at a high level!!!

    Super week so far! Can’t wait to see more!
    My Best!
    Rick Krane
  19. naturalcreati40

    naturalcreati40 Active Member

    Hey Gulfcost, I like your two bass. How'd you attach these fish? Is there any way you can post a photo of how you did it? Especially the smaller one.
  20. 2 lb Kentucky Lake Crappie.