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Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by buckmaster, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. buckmaster

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    I have a antelope skull mount to do for a friend, I also have a beetle colony, the question i have is can i put the skull in the beetles without removing the sheaths, will the beetles eat the sheaths or not? Ive never done a antelope before so i don't know any help is appreciated, thanks
  2. Nhart

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    The beetles will eat the horns. I would put the whole skull in a garbage bag. Put a little water in with the skull and seal it up. Open it back up in a week or so and the horns should be loose. Then put the skull in front of the fan to dry it back out.
    Hope that helps.

  3. A quicker way to remove the sheaths is to put in the microwave for 2 minutes. Then simply twist the sheath and it pops off. Be careful though because the sheath will be hot!
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    I also use the microwave method but be sure and move them around and keep trying them to see if they are loose, Hillybilly is right on and its the best method I have found yet to remove antelope horns. Also make sure the wife isnt home when you do it!!!!!!
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    If you do the microwave technique, which works wondrously...please keep a watch on how many minutes you "wave" it, because I have put what I call "bubbles" in the horn by this technique....nuke and learn....I say.

    Good luck.
  6. Nhart

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    How do you fit the horns in the microwave?? Are you able to close the door? Must be a big microwave.

  7. George

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    Why are any of you in that big a hurry? If you got an antelope in on Monday, you could cape it out, place the horns in a plastic bag wth a small cup of water, seal it, set it in the corner, and order your form. Before your form arrived, you'd be able to twist the cases olff the cores, DP the insides, cut the cores, and glue on th cases BEFORE YOUR FORM ARRIVED. (Unless you live next door to the supply company). No beetles eating the cases, now microwave blistering the cases, nada.
  8. Roadkill

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    I have always just let them come off while boiling. I clean every skull cap for mounting the same way. I usually have a bunch to do all at once and they are done in less than a half hour. It is true, the microwave works, but you still have to remove the flesh form the skull to completely bug prof the mount, so why not do them up right.
    As far as just rotting them off, that is fine too, especially if you are just using a form that needs no skull. But, again, you still need to clean the skulls.
    I really like the idea of just using fake cores, but most ofthe time, the horns need to be at different angle than the fake ones anyway so then you have to cut and fit. Better just to use the real cores.