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Gotta LOVE being a Taxidermist in Texas & ordering from McKenzie!!!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by michael p., Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Kittrell Hill

    Kittrell Hill 9 Beard Merriam 2008 Meade Co SD

    Michael I'm glad shipping is cheaper for you I live only 3 hours from Mckenzie in NC and I ordered three deer forms last week and shipping was $29.00 I'm buying a box trailer and going to start going and pickup my forms once or twice a year would'nt take long to pay for a trailer with over $2000.00 in shipping a year.
  2. FinFlight

    FinFlight TRAIL CREEK

    Mine comes from Wis and the thing i don't like is they put small chit in a separate box and get charged that much more fore shipping but there quick

  3. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    That's where they went. Send 'em my way.
    j/k I'm not missing any...yet.
  4. dhart

    dhart Active Member

    I hope your beautiful wife does not find out about this.............you must be sleeping with someone at McKenzie's to be getting a price like that!
  5. dplais7124

    dplais7124 Active Member

    i know what you mean about saving on shipping. i live 10 minutes from joe coombs supply warehouse.
  6. Auggie

    Auggie Startem young

    You guys should live in the midwest. SPEEDEE delivery is the bomb! Super cheap and fast. I ordered 7 turkey bodies and some other stuff. Little over $5 for 2 boxes from McKenzie in NE to southern MN next day. I can use it for Matuska,Vandykes,and now McKenzie!!! Next day most of the time. I have never had it take more than 2. For those of you that are getting smacked on shipping, you will have to start planning ahead better and buy in quantity when you attend shows.
  7. How about this, just got a box from McKenzie today. ordered on 7/31 which was fine...

    1 moose form, and 1 antler mount plaque $96.97 just for shipping ? Good thing I went up on Moose $300 this year !

    Just part of doing business... I Spose... ;D

    Thats to Oregon...
  8. hell yea .. if i buy from them before 12 ill have 2morrow around 3 to 5 .. its great