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coyote skull

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by philintheblank, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. i shot my first coyote a while back in 2007 and decided to keep the skull, however im not set up for cleaning skulls and didnt feel like stripping the meat of it myself, so i threw it in the bushes and kinda forgot about it... so 19 months later i got some time off work and decided it was time to finish it off, i got the mud and dirt off it easy enough and it has been sitting in white gas for a couple days and it still seems to have blood stains on it that dont seem to be getting any better,

    so i guess my question is, will the gas get rid of this stain, or is it the peroxide's job (i could only find 20 volume peroxide around town)
  2. Big Sky

    Big Sky Member


  3. Does this skull have any dried hide or meat on it if so you will have to remove that first. Those blood stains are probably grease I would leave it the white gas for at least a couple of weeks . Whatever you do wash of the skull and let it dry before you put in peroxide or it might explode from the chemical reaction of the gas and peroxide. good luck
  4. :eek: thanx for the heads up, this is only my second skull so im pretty new at this... and yes i got all the sraps of meat off with a pressure washer.
  5. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Hope you saved all the teeth. If any are missing, go back where it was laying and carefully look around in the dirt and leaves. I would first soak it for a couple of weeks in strong dish detergent/ammonia and water. Dawn is great but if you don't have any, use what you got. After that, rinse it well, dry for a day or so and then use your peroxide. The 20 Vol will work fine. I would put the skull in a large Zip-Loc bag and pour in the peroxide. Squish out the air and zip it mostly closed. Leave a little space open for gas from the reaction to escape. In 24 hours it should be all nice and white. Then you have to put it all back together. :)
  6. thanx seawolf,

    ya i was surprised to see that i still had most of the teeth, i am only missing one small one that sits behind the top canine so its not a big deal, which was more surprising that the deer skull that was beside it had whole chewed all over it, and i cant even find the lower jaws for it, so they pretty much wrote that skull off, but i guess the mice werent too fany of the coyote smell
  7. like sea wolf suggested a ammonia/dawn(cheap dollar store dawn works the exact same) soak for a couple-few weeks will do wonders. then if needed white gas it a while.

    some people still use brown bottle 3% peroxide the 20volume you got should be right at 6% peroxide it'll get the job done well. (remember it can be re-used as well)