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Rehydration of skins with a pressure tank

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by T+T, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. T+T

    T+T New Member

    I was just wondering if anyone has re-hydrated really hard dried skins, like African, in a pressurized tank to force water into those skins. seems like these skins never really get soft until you have knocked the skins down a little. thanks

  2. It dosent help a bit. Its no different than putting them in a bucket to soak them up. Rotaion will help, but you must be careful of the spicies that you rotate so as not to damadge it.

  3. Bruce_Rittel

    Bruce_Rittel Consultant Services


    Using the Auto Tanner as a Wet Drum to Relax (Rehydrate) skins or capes

    Many times you will have to deal with Salt or Air dried skins. These must be fully relaxed before they can safely be pickled or tanned. The Auto Tanner can accelerate this process by flexing the skin during the process and increasing the takeup. I offer this as an optional step in preparing skins or capes for the Auto Tanner. Be aware however, that using the Auto Tanner to relax skins and capes is limited, depending on the bulk and size of the dried pieces. Also, after using it to relax skins or capes – ALWAYS thoroughly rinse the Auto Tanner to remove any residual of the Relaxing Agent used. You do not want it to influence later pickling or tanning mixtures.

    Relaxing Formula #1 – This is using a Salt Brine. To determine the amount of Water to use – weigh the dried skins. For every 1 Lb. of dried skins or capes – use 2 Quarts of Water/1 Lb. in your relaxing bath.

    2 Quarts of Water
    1 Lb. of Salt
    Bacteriacide is Optional

    Relaxing Formula #2 – This is using a Commercial Relaxing agent like our Rittels Ultra-Soft (US-609) Relaxing agent. It is particularly good on air dried and African dried skins and capes. Base your formula on the weight of the dried skins or capes – and use 2 Quarts of Water/1 Lb. in your relaxing bath.

    2 Quarts of Water
    1 fl. oz. Of Ultra-Soft Relaxer

    Do not add any Salt or Bacteriacide to your formula – it will only slow it down.

    Run Time – Now pour the relaxing formula of your choice into the Auto Tanner and place the skins or capes in.

    Run the Auto Tanner for 2 hours or longer if necessary – but not continuously. Run it only 5 minutes every 30 minutes (half hour) – or until the skins have fully relaxed. Remove the skins when fully relaxed. This may take up to 5-6 hours, particularly when relaxing air dried skins.

    Before Pickling or Tanning - Whichever your choice, when you remove the skins or capes – always rinse them to remove the excess Salt or Commercial Relaxer. They are now ready for pickling and tanning – or tanning.

    Relaxing African Skins & Capes – They use a lot of highly mineralized Salt in Africa, so its best to rerun the skins using a fresh rehydrating bath after the first run of 4 hours. Keep the same cycle – only 5 minutes every 30 minutes.

    * * * * * * * * * *
    RITTELS offers these instructions in an advisory capacity and assumes no liability. Such information is the same as used in our own successful experiments, and since we have no control over the environment, or the materials upon which our products or instructions will be used – they cannot guarantee success!

    * * * * * * * * * *
    All rights reserved. No part of these instructions may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission.
    * * * * * * * * * *
  4. The pressure adds absolutely nothing to aid re hydration. Messed with it years ago. Did it both ways ,many a time. Just run your tank with no pressure.
    As I said before, ROTATION & movement is everything. Paddle vats are a good choice also.