Be a Part of the Largest and Most Prestigious Taxidemy Competition in the World!
Experience the thrill of the largest and most prestigious event in the world of taxidermy. Hundreds of creative entries representing the finest work of taxidermists from all over the world will be on display in the beautiful grand ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Who will become the next World Champions?
Imagine if all baseball players were allowed to play in the World Series; if all golfer were invited to the Masters; if every tennis play could make it to the clay courts of Wimbledon. In most human endeavors, only a tiny percentage of participants are fortunate enough to compete directly for the highest honors. But in taxidermy, there are no barriers. There are no semifinals. There is no club to join or dues to pay. Any person who has the desire can compete directly against the best taxidermists in the world!

Being named a World Champion is one of the highest honors for which an artist can strive. In 2003, there will be a possible twelve World Taxidermy Championship titles up for grabs. The excitement will reach its climax during the gala 2003 World Show Awards Banquet, where over $25,000.00 in cash prizes will be awarded and the newest World Champion Taxidermists will be named.

The World Taxidermy Championships is truly a special experience, unique in the world of taxidermy. Join over a thousand of your peers for five days of fun, fellowship, education and competition in this beautiful facility. Mark your calendars now and make plans to be a part of taxidermy's premiere event!

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