2007 WFCC Registration Information and Prices

There are three general registrations to select from. All three allow access into the Trade Show, Competition Areas (when open) and eligibility to compete in the respective competition associated with the registration. The Taxidermy Registration allow access in the taxidermy seminars. The Carving Registration allows access into the carving seminars. The Combination Registration allows access into both taxidermy and carving seminars. Preregistration has expired. If you have not preregistered, please register at the Reno Events Center when you arrive.

World Taxidermy Championships Registration

World Fish Carving Championships Registration

Combination WTC and WFCC Registration

Spouse/Family Pass
With any General Registration, you can purchase additional, Secondary Passes (badges) for your spouse or other immediate family members over 12 years old (under 12 are free). The badge is good for all 5 days of the show and allows access to the competition area and the trade show only. It does NOT allow entry into any seminars. The price per pass is $65.00.

One Day Registration Pass
For this fee you will be issued a one-day registration pass (badge) good for access into Trade Show (when open), Seminars and to view the Competition Area (when open) for one day only. You are not eligible to compete. Note: There are no seminars on Saturday. Choose your One Day registration from the follwing days:

The price of a One Day Registration is $75.00.

Thursday -- Tour of Virginia City, Carson City and Lake Tahoe
This 8-hour luxury coach bus guided tour takes you to Virginia City, Carson City and Lake Tahoe. The price is $45.00. Availble on Thursday, April 19 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Friday -- Tour of Reno "All That Glitters"
This 3-1/2-hour luxury coach bus guided tour visit the exciting highlights of Reno. The price is $28.00. Availble on Friday, April 20 (9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)

World Championships Award Program and Banquet
The WTC and WFCC Awards Banquet (Friday April 21) will offer a full-course dinner with a cash bar. All major awards will be presented, including the presentations of $25,000.00 in cash competition prizes. The price is $38.50 per person.

World Competition Entry Fees
(Fish Carving and Taxidermy)
At previous World Shows, record numbers of entries resulted in long lines. Although we will be adding computers and operators to shorten these lines, you can avoid them by registering your entries early. This will enable us to have a better idea of how many entries so we can prepare the area. You can also save money by avoiding the late entry fees. You must be registered for the competition (above) in order to compete.

Master Division, Collective Artists Division and World Challenge Division Entries
$40.00 per entry.

Entries in All Other Divisions
$30.00 per entry.

Fish Carving Entries
$30.00 per entry.

Electrical Hookup for Entry
Electrical Hookup for each Entry If an entry requires an electrical hookup, the charge is $35.00 to bring an outlet to your entry.

How to Register
Preregistration has expired. If you have not preregistered, please register at the Reno Events Center when you arrive.

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