Taxidermy Pre-Sculptured Division
Rules and Regulations

There will be two subcategories, gameheads and lifesize mammals. This will be a multiple-ribbon division with two Best of Category recognition plaques presented at the 2007 WTC Awards Banquet.

1. Who May Enter. The pre-sculpted category will be open to any sculptor who would like to enter a completed sculpture.

2. Rules. The sculpture must be an original, clay sculpture. It should be prepared to hang on a pegboard for display, or it can be a pedestal or table sculpture. There are no limitations in regard to having antlers set or glass eyes in place, but this will have no bearing on the judging criteria.

3. Judging. Judging will be based on anatomical accuracy, creativity and workmanship. Judges will be at least two mammal and/or gamehead judges from the taxidermy competition.

4. Awards. This will be a multiple ribbon division with a Best of Category Recognition Plaque presented at the WTC Awards Banquet.

5. Categories. 
  A Gameheads
  B Lifesize Mammals

Interpretations of all rulings or regulations (and any rules not provided for) will be decided by the World Taxidermy Championships® Regulatory Committee. If you have a specific question regarding the competition, contact Regulatory Committee Chairman, Skip Skidmore at Brigham Young University, 290 M.L. Bean Museum, Provo, UT 84602. Telephone: 801-378-5052.

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