Collective Artists Division
Rules and Regulations

$3,500.00 prize money from Tohickon Glass Eyes and Karl Lange Glasaugen

1. Who May Compete: This division is for competition pieces where more than one taxidermist worked on the entry. It can be entered in the name of the studio or each artist can be listed as the creators. This division offers a professional studio a great opportunity of promotion if it should win this "Best in World" title. Anyone is eligible to compete except for the judges selected to judge this division.

2. Judging: This division will be judged by high standards and should be considered a division for advanced and professional taxidermists. A special score sheet has been designed which breaks down into the following point values: craftsmanship and mechanical soundness 30 points; anatomical accuracy 30 points; artistic merit 40 points, for a total of 100 points. Please note: 60 points of the total scoring is relative to taxidermy knowledge and ability. The mount must be technically strong to be competitive, but composition and design must be a major component. Each entry will be judged by three judges on one score sheet. The three highest scores within a category will win the awards, provided they score high enough to qualify. If no mount in a category scores at least a 90, there will be no first places in that category. The same holds true for second (at least 80 points necessary) and third places (at least 70 points necessary). Because a collective entry is completed by more than one individual, it is not eligible to earn points toward any of the NTA award programs.

3. Awards. Each category within The Collective Artists Division can have a First, Second and Third place award. The First place in each category will receive $400.00 and a Best of Category plaque (Second and Third places get ribbons). Each Best of Category will then become eligible for Best in World Collective Artists.
      The Best in World Collective Artists will receive a Gold Akeley Medallion, a Recognition Plaque, and $1000.00. If there are no First places in any of the categories, there will be no Best in World.
      Entries in this division will also be eligible in the Akeley Award judging and for voting of the Competitors' Choice Award.

4. Multiple Entries: There is no limit to the number of entries a studio or group may enter in this division. This division is nonrestrictive as far as awards, and one studio or group can earn as many awards as possible.

5. Originality. The use of commercial mannikins and commercial fish reproductions will be allowed, but judges will put strong consideration in their scoring for original work. Altered or original sculpted forms and original reproductions will be noted on the entry card for the judges to see.

6. Freeze Dry: Freeze dry preservation will be allowed in this competition, but must be noted on the entry form.

7. Collective Artists Categories:
      A. Lifesize Mammals -- May include single or group pieces
      B. Gameheads -- May include single or group pieces
      C. Birds -- May include single or group pieces
      D. Fish, Reptiles or Amphibian (Skin Mounts) -- May include single or group pieces
      E. Mixed Group -- May include a combination of mammals (lifesize or gameheads), birds and/or fish
      F. Re-Creations and Reproductions -- May include single or group pieces. This will include carvings, reproduction fish or reptiles, re-creations and replicas of any animal.

Interpretations of all rulings or regulations (and any rules not provided for) will be decided by the World Taxidermy Championships® Regulatory Committee. If you have a specific question regarding the competition, contact Regulatory Committee Chairman, Skip Skidmore at Brigham Young University, 290 M.L. Bean Museum, Provo, UT 84602. Telephone: 801-422-4621.

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