2005 WFCC Judge's Choice Best of Show Winner by Simon Blackshaw

$3,000.00 in Cash Awards
$3,000.00 in cash awards will be presented to the winners of the 2013 World Fish Carving Championships. Three World Titles will be available at the 2013 World Fish Carving Championships. World Titles will be awarded for Best Decorative Lifesize, Best Decorative Miniature, and Best Natural Finish.

<---Photo of John Dory carving by Simon Blackshaw of the Netherlands, winner of the 2005 Best in World Fish Carving award at the 2005 World Fish Carving Championships®.

Open Level Awards
Judges' Choice Best of Show Fish Carving:
$1,000.00 from Sugar Pine Woodcarving Supplies.

The Best in World Decorative Lifesize will be selected from the first place pieces in each of the categories for that division, and the new Fish Carvers Invitational Division. A Second in World and Third in World will also be awarded in this division.

Best in World titles will also be awarded in the Decorative Miniature division and the Natural Finish/Interpetive division. These divisions will not have a Second or Third in World.

Best in World Decorative Lifesize: Recognition plaque and $500.00
Second in World: Recognition plaque and $300.00
Third in World: Recognition plaque and $200.00

Best in World Decorative Miniature: Recognition plaque and $500.00
Best in World Natural Finish/Interpetive.: Recognition plaque and $500.00

Best of Category winners: Ribbons
Best of Class winners: Ribbons
First, Second and Third place entries: Ribbons

Intermediate Level Awards
Best of Show, Intermediate Division: Plaque
Best of Category: Ribbon
Best of Class: Ribbon
First, Second & Third winners: Ribbon

Novice Level Awards
Best of Show, Novice Division: Plaque
First, Second & Third winners: Ribbon

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