2011 WFCC Judge's Choice Best of Show Winner by Josh Guge Three World Titles for 2013!
Three World Titles will be available at the 2013 World Fish Carving Championships. World Titles will be awarded for Best Decorative Lifesize, Best Decorative Miniature, and Best Natural Finish/Interpetive.

The 2013 World Fish Carving Championships will be bigger and better than ever before! This incredible art form is growing in popularity. Even though many carving shows now include fish carving, the World Fish Carving Championships remains as the only show devoted exclusively to fish carving.

2011 World Fish Carving Championships Judges' Choice Best of Show Winner Decorative Lifesize "Queen of Coral" by Josh Guge of Gilberts, Illinois. --->

Fish Carving Categories

1999 WFCC Judge's Choice Best of Show Winner by Clark Schreibeis
1999 World Fish Carving Championships Judge's Choice Best of Show Winner
Natural finish trout and heron by Clark Schreibeis of Montana

Fish Carving 60:40 "Show and Sell"
We are excited to introduce a new feature to the 2013 World Fish Carving Championships, some "60:40 Show and Sell" tables. These tables will allow carvers to showcase their work to the public and offer them for sale. Sixty percent of selling price will go to the carver (seller), and the other 40 percent will go to the WTC Prize Fund. (Carvers may also display pieces that are not for sale.) All of the carvings on "60:40" tables will not be judged in any way as part of the regular competition.

Rules for participation:
      All fish carvers are eligible.
      A carver is allowed up to three pieces to display on the tables.
      Carving(s) entered in previous shows may be displayed.
      Carvers must email Josh Guge by April 1st to be eligible to participate: [email protected] Call him at (224) 629-0581.
      Carvers must provide the titles of their pieces as well as the prices they wish to sell them for when they bring their pieces in to the show. They also need to indicate if their carvings are not for sale.
      Carvers are responsible for providing packaging for any of their pieces that are available for purchase.
      Buyers will make checks out to "WTC" for the full amount of the sale price. Each seller will receive a check for 60 percent of the sales price at the end of the show.

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