Cash Prizes
The World Taxidermy Championships has the largest cash prizes of any taxidermy competition. In 2013, $25,000.00 in cash will be awarded to the following winners:

Competitors' Award: $14,000.00 to be awarded
Masters Division: $4,000.00 first place, $2,000.00 second place, $1,000.00 third place, $500.00 fourth place, $500.00 fifth place
Professional Division: $3,000.00 first place, $1,500.00 second place, $1,000.00 third place, $250.00 fourth place, $250.00 fifth place
Head Quarters: $2,000.00 cash award sponsor
Derma-Grip: $1,000.00 cash award sponsor
The Competitors' Awards Rules and Regulation

If you want to compete for the largest cash awards at the World Championships®, this is the special award you should go after. The Competitors' Award was developed and the rules were written by World Show chairman Larry Blomquist in 1996 and first offered at the 1997 World Championships. The goal was to find a way to honor and reward the many talented taxidermists in our industry. It quickly became a major attraction for World Show competitors.

How do I enter to compete for this award? If you enter four entries in either the Competitors' Award, Professional Division, Professional or Master Division, you are automatically eligible. You can compete for the Competitors Award in only one of these divisions, not both. Please read the complete rules for this special award.

If I compete for this award in the Professional Division, can I still enter the Master Division to compete for a World title? Yes, but you cannot compete in both divisions in the same category (see Rule 8). Also, if you have four entries in both divisions, you must specify in which division you wish to compete for the Competitors' Award. Most competitors who wish to compete in the Master Division (for a World Title) will also compete there for the Competitors Award and not compete at all in the Professional Division.

When are the Competitors' Award winners announced? The winners of this award are announced at the end of the World Championships Awards Banquet on Friday night. The World Show Awards Banquet is a special and very entertaining event. Not only are all the cash awards given out and winners of World Titles named, but special talents from our industry will entertain you along with video clips from movies and TV, all using taxidermy as a main theme.

Collective Artists Division: $3,400.00 to be awarded
Best in World winner: $1,000.00 cash award from Tohickon Glass Eyes and Karl Lange Glass Eyes
Each first place in the six categories: $400.00 cash award from Tohickon Glass Eyes and Karl Lange Glass Eyes
Collective Artists Division Rules and Regulations

Best of Show: $1,000.00 to be awarded
Judges' Choice Best of Show: $1,000.00 cash award from Research Mannikins
Master Division Rules and Regulations

Carl E. Akeley Award: $1,000.00 to be awarded
Carl E. Akeley Award: $1,000.00 cash award from WASCO
Carl E. Akeley Awards Rules and Regulations

Best Professional Entry: $1,000.00 to be awarded
Best Professional Entry: $1000.00 cash award from McKenzie Taxidermy Supply
Professional Division Rules and Regulations

World Fish Challenge Competition: $1,000.00 to be awarded
World Fish Challenge Competition: $1000.00 award from Badger Airbrush ($500.00 cash and $500.00 in merchandise)
World Fish Challenge Rules and Regulations

Taxidermy Sculpture Competition: $1,000.00 to be awarded
Live Taxidermy Sculpture Competition: Best in World $500.00, Second $300.00, Third $200.00
Live Taxidermy Sculpture Division Rules and Regulations

There are sixteen Best in World titles in the Master Division, one in the Collective Artists Division and one in the Live Taxidermy Sculpture Division. See Categories for specific information. All Best in World winners, as well as the Carl E. Akeley Award winner and the Master of Masters competition winner will receive a gold Carl E. Akeley medallion.

Best in World winners will also receive a Recognition Plaque. Competitor's Choice and the Best Professional Entry will receive a Recognition Plaque.

Cash Award Sponsors
$10,500.00 Distributed Among Various Cash Awards from the World Show Prize Fund
$5,000.00 Distributed Among Various Cash Awards from Breakthrough Magazine
$3,400.00 Collective Artists Division Winners from Tohickon Glass Eyes and Karl Lange Glasaugen
$1,000.00 Judges' Best of Show Fish Carving from Sugar Pine Woodcarving Supplies
$2,000.00 Competitors' Award Winners from Head Quarters
$1,000.00 Competitors' Award Winners from Derma-Grip
$1,000.00 Best Professional Entry from McKenzie Taxidermy Supply
$1,000.00 Judges' Best of Show Taxidermy from Research Mannikins
$1,000.00 Carl E. Akeley Award from WASCO (Wildlife Artist Supply Company)
$1,000.00 World Fish Challenge from Badger ($500.00 cash and $500.00 in merchandise)

How "Best in World" Titles Are Determined
There are sixteen Best in World titles in the Master Division, one in the Collective Artists Division and one in the Taxidermy Sculpture Division.

For 2011, each entry in the Master Division will be separately and independently scored by three judges and the scores averaged together. Once first places are determined in the subcategories, a competition supervisor will gather all category judges (five for most categories) to vote for eligible entries for Best in World titles. They will each cast a secret ballot for Best in World. The judges will be allowed to discuss and confer about the eligible entries before casting their ballots. If two entries receive equal votes the judges will be asked to vote again on those two entries only. The results will be kept secret and announced at the World Show Awards banquet. Click here to see who will be judging each category for the World Championship titles.

Competitors vying for the Best in World titles should pay very close attention to the subcategories. Some of the subcategories will be heavily competed in, while others may only have one or two entries. Remember -- to win a Best in World title you must first have a First Place ribbon in a subcategory. You may want to consider competing in several of the subcategories to increase your chances of being considered in that final decision.

Each Collective Artists entry will be judged by three judges from the judge list of that species category. After placements are determined in each category all taxidermy judges will evaluate the eligible entries for Best in World Collective Artist and cast individual secret ballots. Since this is one of only two divisions in which judges can compete, any judge competing in this division will not be eligible to judge in this division, nor cast a vote for Best in World (in that division).
Master Division Rules and Regulations

Live Sculpting Competition
Compete for the title of Best in World Taxidermy Sculptor. This competition will again be held live at the 2013 WTC, and was a tremendous success in previous World Shows. The subject for the 2013 WTC will be either a gamehead or a lifesize mammal. This sculpture division will be limited to eight entrants, determined on a first-come, first-acceptance basis. Anyone interested should send a postcard or letter, stating this interest. The postmarked date from the letters will be used to determine order of acceptance. Send to WTC Sculpting, P.O. Box 2945, Hammond, LA 70404-2945. If you have any questions, call Larry Blomquist at 985-345-7266.
Live Taxidermy Sculpture Division Rules and Regulations

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