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Just for laughs

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by AudreyElizabeth, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. AudreyElizabeth

    AudreyElizabeth New Member

    I did this just for laughs- a common snapper skull and tufted duck feet. This is an homage to chattery teeth. :)
  2. nina5150

    nina5150 Active Member

    Haha..make a set of bat wings ,then he be stylen.pretty cool.i like it.

  3. skullclnr

    skullclnr Active Member

    love it, hes got a little attitude and character!
  4. carlabrauer

    carlabrauer Quality bone cleaning with dermestid beetles

    Ha! That's pretty adorable
  5. btr

    btr Member

    That's a winner!
  6. Allie

    Allie Member

    Awesome. Whatever happened to chattery teeth, do they still make them?
  7. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Wonder if you could take apart a set of chattery teeth and make the mechanism work with this? Would be a fun thing to sell around Halloween.
  8. AudreyElizabeth

    AudreyElizabeth New Member

    Thanks folks. The hubby has dried a surplus of duck feet here lately (I don't know why) ???, but this was the result. I'll run that past him, Sea Wolf- this one is glued up, but we can get plenty more snapper heads. I really like the way they turn out anyway.

    I'm getting really excited about something in the beetle tank! The paddlefish that got this all started is almost ready to come out! I don't know how in the world I'm going to get the larvae out of the bill though.
  9. Place the paddlefish on a wire rack above the beetle frass in your tank with something new for the beetles to eat below it. All of the live larvae and adults will quickly abandon the paddlefish. You will then only need to deal with any discarded skins or dead adults. Most of those may float out on their own during degreasing.
  10. Hungry Bear

    Hungry Bear New Member

    Sorry this is a little off topic but I was wondering do you skin the paddle fish and turtle like any other skull or will the beeltle eat the skin. I hope to get a couple snapper heads when the season opens here. Thanks
  11. AudreyElizabeth

    AudreyElizabeth New Member

    Alpinist- thanks, I'll try that. This is a trophy fish for a friend of mine.

    Hungry Bear- I didn't skin the fish, but I did try to get most of the skin and meat off the snapper. I'm just sort of winging it. :)